Guess He's Available For Commish

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He has been mentioned, along with the asst AD at Alabama, among others…I think who ever we get will be a good commish…

I’ll take Vince McMahon!

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Asst AD?

I think the league can look in a higher file than that.

I heard the conference was going to go “outside the box” with the new commissioner. They might hire someone like the new PAC 12 guy who didn’t have experience with college athletics but was an entertainment president responsible for finance and more. I thought Aresco did about as good a job as anyone could—the AAC has clearly been the top G5 under his tenure. He was a VP for CBS Sports and worked at ESPN. So I would be a little surprised if it’s Luck, not that I think he wouldn’t be a good choice.

He would be great for the big 12

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He can’t stay still though - time the dust settles he’s gone - conference commissioner’s are about stability

If they go outside the box, then it is likely someone we do not know right now…big news when they announce, which i think they do by mid summer…