GWU changes mascot

From “Colonials” to “Revolutionaries.”

Go Revolutionaries!

Rolls right off the tongue.

Apparently been in the works for a few years…

They will be called “The Revs” in almost every reference, including print. Catchy name and provides lots of opportunity to “Rev” up the brand.


Playing nice.

What’s that have to do with the name? They’ll make it work. Revs is fine.

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As if a mascot name change suddenly makes an also ran into a powerhouse. That’s their station in basketball, but still had a suggestion of improvement this past season, inexplicably while still being the “Cols”.


I don’t think that anyone else here has a big beef with Penders.

He took us out of oblivion.

And he still speaks well of UH and Sampson on Twitter.

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Whatever. Back to 3rd graders calmly bandaging traumatic gunshot wounds while the victim calmly complies.

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Penders posts likely belong on the basketball board until he runs for office.

bussey brought up Penders in a derogatory way.

My post was in response to that.

Wisely, he has since deleted it.

I know, my post was for bussey

Are their colors Purple?

Mascots, in general, are a really dumb thing to get worked up over. Redskins was very bad. Colonials isn’t great.

Signed-A former mascot.

LOL @ all you woke white libs offended by the name “Redskins”. Did you protest before the woke revolution or did you wait until you were told to be offended? Don’t you think they should get rid of the Dallas Cowboys because the whole Cowboys n Indians thing? How about the Cleveland Indians? Were you offended? Should people get fine or arrested for using the tomahawk cop at games? Libs trying to erase “native” Americans from the landscape. Are you old enough to know that Houston had a football team called the Oilers? Were you offended since that represents the destruction of the planet through climate change lol. Do you libs just sit around starbucks and brainstorm about what to get offended by?


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Typical low info bully post.

Cleveland already changed their name.

Lol coming from the guy who posts 10 times a day about what offends him.


Since we are self-moderating on this board, and personal attacks are welcome, then I’d love it if a certain poster said things to my face, but won’t because he/she/they is a huge pussy. I weigh in at aroud 230. Pretty sure that pussy can’t handle me. Pussy. There it is. Let’s see how quickly I get censored vs. that puss.

Ban me. I care little.


Why should anyone answer a question posed by you?

You still have not answered mine…

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All he asks are loaded or irrelevant questions and thought-terminating cliches trying to desperately prove a superiority that he lacks. He is a self proclaimed low info poster and also can’t read anything more than a couple sentences.

If he didn’t have anything to be outraged about or people to try to bully, he’d be completely lost.