Hannah Screen Leaves UH Golf Program to OU

This is pretty incredible and highly unusual to occur between the fall and spring seasons. UH #1 Women’s Golfer Hannah Screen has transferred out of the program and has left for OU over the break. What a huge set back for the program. She is no longer listed on the UH roster.

Losing Hannah will abosulutely impact the team’s performance and rank throughout the spring season. She is not the type of golfer that can be easily replaced.

Wow! There has to be a hell of a back story. Big loss.

Agree, must have been something that was bothering her with being a part of the UH womens golf program. It is also very unusual for a golfer to leave between the fall and spring seasons. I believe she’ll have to lose the spring season at OU, but that will need to be confirmed.

Only a sophmore, she probably was the 2nd best golfer in the program’s history behind Leonie Harm who graduated last spring and with potential to be the best UH golfer in program history. Very strange turn with this event along with being a big impact on the program especially with this spring season.

Bummer. Still, the cupboard isnt bare.

Last year, I took interest in women’s golf largely due to Hannah Screen, now she’s gone.

It has a similar impact on the golf team as D. King transferring to Miami.

I would say even more of an impact considering only 5 play in the team event and Hannah is that good. Huge loss considering she was only a sophmore with 2.5 years to go. Its hard to imagine what caused her to make that decision.

They will still have a decent team this spring, but there is know way they can replace Hannah. They had 2 Hannah quality players on that team, now they are down to 1. Hannah will definitely be missed. No doubt!

Anyone know why she left ?

Supposedly she wasn’t clear why she was leaving. The team make up at OU were similar to the team at UH and their rankings were similar. If I were to guess, I would bet on some kind of coaching relationship issue or a team issue, but I am only guessing without any knowledge.

The team has missed her 71.5 average. Since she left, their Golfstat ranking dropped from 23 to 32 after their first tourney in NO. Then yesterday they finished up a dissappointing 8th at the ICON tournament in The Woodlands and they lost to 4 teams outside of the top 50. I suspect we’ll continue to see their Golfstat ranking slip to the mid-40s with the loss of Hannah.

The men’s team game in T4 yesterday at their own tournament down on the border. They are playing better this year but they seem to get off to slow starts and have to fight back.

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Interesting…she did not play in OK’s first tournament. Their top 5 placed second in a really good field. Injury?

She had to sit out the spring semester. With the transfer the plan was for her to start playing again this coming fall. Considering that she now gets an extra year with the spring sport and all teams only playing 2 or possibly three tournaments this spring it really cost her nothing.

Thanks…did not realize they changed the transfer rule this year. Here is a pretty good article about it from the golf channel. Makes a lot of sense…previous rule very lax.

Still nothing on why she left ?