Happy Diwali To Anyone Celebrating

Be careful, Firstandten will think you’re a Devil’s Food Cake worshiper.

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Yeah plus his goofy 3 Jars of Clay self calling everything not Jesus freaky devil worship is really triggering to unapologetic heathens like myself

Of course, Jews do not believe Jesus is the Messiah, so Jews could argue that Christians are following a false idol. Though I am not doing so, nor have I ever actually heard anyone do so as it would be quite disrespectful (in my opinion). Jews also believe differently on what “the devil” is, so I don’t think you would find Jews calling Christians “devil worshipers” but maybe “idol worshipers”.

Agree. That’s the problem with saying that.

Same result.

That’s a very different argument.

And you’re clearly running away from the discussion above.

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I still don’t understand why he felt the need to call Hindus “devil worshipers” in a public forum. You know then he’s going to complain later when people call him a bigot.

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Don’t know he realizes President Khator practices the faith of Hinduism.

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Why is such bigotry allowed on Coogfans?

I considered removing it but I felt this bigotry and stupidity needed a light shined on it rather than being swept under a rug.

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When its never ending and often repeated from the same people, at what point is it just allowing them to spread it though?

You’re giving them a platform.

I look at this way some people just don’t know until they encounter the truth and some people don’t want to know, which is willlful ignorance. Only way to pierce the darkness is with light.

False gods are worshipping the devil.

That’s a stretch. But if we are going to go there, idols are too.

Anyway, you’re dodging a lot of questions. And it’s weird how you keep disappearing and coming back.

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I guess you seem to forget the whole “judge not, lest ye be judged” issue.

I never understand or people can have such belief in their religion that they feel they must disrespect someone else’s. Going on a public forum just to call Hindus “devil worshipers” when you simply could have just said nothing and ignored this thread like you do 100s of others. It is as if you intentionally want to spread hate, show everyone you’re bigotry, and that your parents did not teach you any manners. I hope you’re smart enough not to tell any Hindu coworkers you think they worship the devil, that might get you a visit with HR.