Happy Memorial Day

Let’s remember those that lost their lives fighting for our freedom.

Note, this is not veterans day. That’s another day.


It’s not a happy day either.

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Watch the National Memorial Day concert tonight on PBS.

I’ve seen it in person three times.

Quite poignant.

My grandfather served in WWI. My 2 oldest brothers in Vietnam…Navy and Air Force. The AF guy has a Purple Heart…narrowly escaped with his life when the base in Da Nang was bombed. Cousins that were Army infantry (I think) during Vietnam. Other, younger cousins that are Marines.

My family and extended family are extremely fortunate…they all made it back home. Much respect for the service men and women and the families that paid the ultimate price.


“Much respect for the service men and women and the families that paid the ultimate price.”

Much respect to YOUR family Eightysix!

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“A Band Of Brothers” will be run in its entirety tomorrow on AMC. One of the best mini-series ever. Makes me proud that my Father was part of the “Greatest Generation Ever”. While he was one of the fortunate ones who came home, he paid his dues. Never take freedom for granted.


Thank you. I was a young kid, but I remember my parents lighting “veladoras” (religious candles) when my brothers were overseas. It was quite stressful for them.

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What do we say if not “happy?” Anyway, I’ll celebrate by buying a new fridge on sale at Sears.

just kidding guys

When my children were younger we’d go to the cemetery on Veterans and everyone would take one bouquet to lay at a soldier’s grave.

I miss that family outing as much as any and I’m going to revive it going forward. It gave me a sense of great reverence.


"French caretakers take the sand from Omaha Beach in Normandy and scrub them into the letters to give them the brown/gold coloring.

They do this for all 9,386 soldiers who died.

France also gave us this land as American soil."


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