Happy Mothers day!

I hope you animals are thanking your moms today.


I thank mine at least once a week…

“Nobody loves me but my mother and she could be jivin to.”

“B.B. King”


Thought libs canceled mother’s day due to the fact they can’t figure out how to define a woman.

Sorry couldn’t help myself but still weird that dems refuse what to say what a woman is.

Hey ITCoog, do you see now what the problem is?

This guy is on at least his third account….this one started the same day that Coogs2u was banned.

His new “pepperseed” has come back 10x worse than his last….

He can’t even leave alone a “Happy Mother’s Day” thread started by you!

I know you have the power to do whatever you want…I asked you in another thread what the rule was on starting new accounts after being banned, I ask again?

He has shown for months he is incapable of having any sort of civil discourse regarding any topic….

Will you as the head administrator of the board take any action?

Thank You.


Hey Itcoog, you see how wrong this guy is? This is my 1st account. It’s not my fault he is delusional. I’ve never talked to coogs2 or peppie. BTW I am guessing this is why I am getting emails saying I am flagged lol. Not very manly but itcoog you can see my PM’s where this guy took time to call me names in PM lol.

If the goal of the political board is to baby liberals, I agree with Pollard on time to ban me. I’m not gonna just sit here and cheer on their child grooming etc

Pepperseed comes with receipts not with misguided emotion.

You must be a real man since you call people names in threads all the time and accuse them of using drugs, etc.

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I get called names constantly lol on board and in PM’s. Just don’t cry about it or make threads about it.

Before you come at me lol make sure you know what you are talking about lol, If you feel silly afterwards it is not my fault

Happy Mother’s Day!

What kind of a chode can’t leave a nice thread alone.

This chode.

Flag everything. He’s a little twerp that needs attention.

It’s Mother’s Day, you Napoleonesque troll.

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Pepperseed’s weird bro.

Just let her get out her frustrations. She’s mad Biden won.

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