Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


I am 100% Irish. Both sets of grandparents on both sides were Irish and their parents were off the boat.

I love St Paddy’s day. But in this day and age how St Patrick’s day has survived is beyond me. Having a holiday celebrating the Irish by getting drunk is really highly offensive and wearing T-shirts that basically say “sexually harass me I’m Irish”, well I don’t know what to say. The iconography of the leprechaun outfits is offensive. Danny Boy isn’t the only song we know. That is a lot of bigoted crap right there.

I am calling for a committee of people who sound and look important to look into all of this and give us their important opinion.

I want them to take their time though, until tomorrow because I have a lot Guiness to go through. Oh and anyone who wants to kiss me because I’m Irish just PM me. If I’m not too drunk or too tired from dancing the jig I will be happy to accommodate you.

As my sainted father used to say “even though those are Irish stereotypes, it doesn’t mean they are not true”.

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The Irish are poets and writers. Instead of all of us getting drunk wearing leprechaun outfits perhaps we should celebrate the great things about the Irish.

Perhaps have a James Joyce contest awarding the most confusing and non understandable prose. We could even have a Coogfan’s post competition in the James Joyce competition. That guy that used to post when he started drinking during basketball games would probably win.

Celebrate the positives and get away from the stereotypes and offensive iconography. All those things have made me think less of myself and probably will result in me drinking Guinness tonight.

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Why can’t you have an Irish poetry and writing contest on any of the other 364 days a year.

You know what I see on St. Patrick’s day (In a Normal year).

I see heroes like Firefighters and Cops having fun.
I see Nurses (Colleen, Maureen, Doreen, Patricia) who are normally wearing theirs nurses uniform wearing their green miniskirts.

I see the working union men (not being political tonight) who built the skyscrapers and dug the tunnels having a Guinness.

Be Proud and Be Safe.

There’s a reason it’s called a “Paddy Wagon”

Irish soda bread made today by yours truly, definitely not an Irishman. :smiley:

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Here’s the soda bread that I baked last night.

I also made an Instant Pot Irish Lamb Stew!

Paddy Wagon, yep all the ethnic slurs have made us Irish think the worst of ourselves.

OK, since the permanent damage is already done on the poor Irish psyche, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to do one more.

What do you call an irishman sitting on a couch? Paddy O’ Furniture