Hard to have patience

Just curious if I am the only one that is having a hard time with this test of patience that is the Big 12 wait… at first I felt like Ralphie waiting to open up his Red Ryder bb gun on Xmas morning… it’s gonna happen!!! Now I feel like all the “you’ll shoot your eye out” contrarians are starting to win out and am doubting this thing is ever gonna happen. We may just be relegated to non-P5 territory playing the likes of Lamar every year. This wait is a frigging killer. Oh well… in just over 3 more weeks the football season will be here and there will not be anymore downtime to stress about all of this nonsense. Go Coogs!

  1. They have to expand for CFP
    2…ACC and Pac12 are threats to come into Tx.
    3…UT and OU can’t go NOWHERE else and run shiii.

It is going to happen. Patience.

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If we don’t make it in, I’m gonna enjoy the fight against UT Houston. To be honest, I won’t get too excited about the announcement until I read the terms. Hopefully we get a fair portion of the payout if we are trading this for UT Houston.

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That mess better not even be up for negotiation. F that noise. :rage:

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Is there any idea of the timeline for an announcement?


I agree totally with this. Rutgers didn’t announce their move to the Big Ten until November. Same with Missouri going to the SEC. These things are rarely announced before the season starts. I hope this time bucks the trend because it would be a great backdrop for the OU-UH game. Either way, I think this time there is finally enough smoke that there is surely a fire underneath it.

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