Hardball On Campus

The Hardball College Tour will be broadcast from campus live on MSNBC Tuesday 6pm local time.

Only student tickets remain. I’ll be watching to see what they say about the UH campus and UH in general when they thank us for being such gracious hosts. :slight_smile:


Mods, this is supposed to be politics free. Please remove.

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There is nothing political there.

Ya, saw this on hardball as a special announcement. Nice to hear the school name on national TV. Glad to see we are becoming a “go to place” for national events.

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Embarrassing comment that is wrong on the basics.

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Nothing political there. It’s just campus news.

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It’s a great showing with the band, cheerleaders and Shasta. This and the FB team being ranked is great press for our school and city.

Go Coogs!