Harris County voter Fraud

The ignore feature can add (addition by subtraction) quality minutes to your life. Trust me.


Just when you thought somebody couldn’t prove themselves to be any less intelligent…

Blame state leaders in Texas. They have made it more complex because its supposed to be harder for fraud. The irony is that now people are saying the slow results are because of fraud.

“Count every vote”! Unless we don’t like the results.


This. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

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You mean exactly like when Orange Jesus orchestrated fake electors to submit false documents to Congress? Voting fraud at the highest level orchestrsted by the very one who has corrupted the minds of his minions into believing there is rampant voter fraud? Is that the Banana Republic you’re speaking of? Still legal vulnerabilities there to be held accountable for .

Where are your “proofs” genius? Just made up BS you believe and realities you ignore.

Get counseling.

25%. 25%. 25%. Liar.

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I thought our Attorney General had a task force of people in Harris County. How did they not catch or investigate this already?

Sorry to zombie this thread, but let’s not forget how batspit crazy some posters are here.

The Mad Frenchman leads the pack.