Harvard vs Cornell

Watching Harvard play Cornell on ESPN. Harvard is mean and VERY physical. Harvard is consistently one of the best FCS teams and is Top 5 in FCS attendance, some of their games have better attendance than ours.

I think the college football world is lucky that Ivy League isn’t a power conference by choice. Any of these schools, esp Harvard and Yale could join any P5 conference including the SEC if they felt like it.

I don’t know if we could even beat them right now.

In honor of one of greatest posters grandsons we at CoogFans are supporting Brown in the Ivy this year.

Got your back 62 or 57 or whatever you are calling yourself.



Brown plays Central Connecticut tomorrow but no broadcast on network or channel I can stream. They play Princeton on the 14th. John plays backup middle linebacker but even as a freshman he is on the KO and punt coverage teams as #57. Watching him I’m proud to say he looks like a grown man out there.
Thanks for giving me a chance to plug my grandson.