Has anyone heard from Davy Crockett?

I’m getting a bit worried about the guy. I haven’t seen anything from him on this site or the former CF site in a while now.

He’s on this board exclusively. He has a different handle. I can tell it’s Davy, just by the verbiage of his posts.

Edit: PAWRFUL = Davy

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Well red80, you can bet your chow-chow flavored PATOOTIE, our beloved and erstwhile DAVY is not only alive, but in the sweet embraced arms of a MISS KITTY-esque metaphor, as we speak amongst ourselves before the Battle of NRG stadium.

DAVY decided to trade in his COONSKIN cap for the kinder and gentler shade tree of the COOGFANS Treaty Oak. And you can rest assured underneath the STARS AT NIGHT, neither hell nor Aggie High bilge water will keep him from posting his rapier sharp insights to the CoogNation.

He has now been commissioned here, and will forever be known as His Excellency the PAWRFUL.

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Yepp …

Davy: Rumors of my retirement are true and on the other board so my antagonist Sukie can stop fearing that ole board will be jinxed.

Unlike Col. George Armstrong Custer who according to a series/documentary last Sat. night may have committed hari kari at the Lil Big Horn … Davy died honorably and was buried by Col Sequin somewhere near the Alamo.

I started out actually on the Cougar Den in '96 under a different cougar monikor and switched to Davy when SamHouston was created only as a whim

but I decided to return to my cougar roots when this board was created and will remain so … :relaxed:


RIP Davy…

Shine on Pawrful


Well, that sure takes a load off my mind. I’d hate to be left to counting water towers by myself. Now I know that there is another out there enumerating our aquatic vessels.

Now that the caricature that was Davy Crockett has been mercifully laid to rest, perhaps we can view this new board as a new day… a chance to post with our own voice… a chance to turn over a new leaf - and I think we might find it a very welcomed and appreciated change if we leave the old persona behind as a memory from an old forum… NOTE: this does not apply to smoovcoog as his schtick is actually funny sometimes

uhhh … caricature … mercifully laid to rest … (this one was the best) _post with our own voice (maybe we really need an exorcist though RevCoog hasn’t posted very often) … actually funny sometimes …

SORRY but from my humble observations you are just still your usual obnoxious self … new board or old

yes ole Davy did heaven knows how twist your panty hose in several knots it would seem on the old board … BUT … he never attacked you personally back when you attacked first … as he was brought up to never counter against those who claim to look like a Sukie but actually probably look like Amy Farah Fawcett.

BUT HEY … PAWRFUL is all for turning over a new leaf …

uhhh … perhaps … :slight_smile:

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fowler perhaps?

Great, now this board has a bromance between Dave and sukie. Time to move on…

My error … certainly not like a


More like a …

Foul … err … Fowler … :wink:

Bromance … eh … I’m old enough to be her great grandfather … and I can barely make it up the stairs in this July heat.

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What happen to Butch ??? Aka bigmccoog. Dan75 ?? Lol.

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