Has anyone traveled with UH Alumni Association?

I get these offers in the mail occasionally. Group travel to regional and international destinations. Recent brochure features Montreal and Quebec City Christmas. Looks like the travel company is Premier World Discovery. Anyone have experience to share?

Have went on a few trips with 'em years ago but to UH football/BB games only-no tour things. Super fun with Coogs, but again-those were games.



Yes made a couple of trips to football games Navy and Bowl games.
Very fun

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I haven’t gone on one through UH, but I have through Vanderbilt alumni travel (grad school) to Italy and it was awesome!

Not with them but did Quebec City for Christmas year before last and it is awesome.

Just be aware that they sometime schedule tours that include dates when UH plays home games.

Been there on vacation and it was well worth it–seems like you’re in old Europe somewhere. If you go, try and get some time for yourself to explore.

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I looked at a couple a while back. Unless things have changed, the same tours can be found with other groups/agents for less. All depends on whether being with a bunch of fellow Coogs is worth the Juice.

Sounds like this is not being done with UH alumni assoc., just a travel agency event. I’d be wary of that, if they have no input from UH and is totally stand alone who knows what it will be. Mine were with alumni assoc. and their partner.