Has DCTF Jumped the Shark?

I used to look forward to Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Preseason Magazine being published every year. I can’t pinpoint the year, but the quality has been going downhill. It feels prehistoric. The only thing saving it are the families of high school athletes that buy the magazine to see their family member’s name in it.

Here is DCTF’s preseason rankings of Texas teams. UH is #12 out of 13.

  1. Texas
  2. Texas A&M
  3. Texas State
  4. UTSA
  5. Texas Tech
  6. TCU
  7. SMU
  8. Baylor
  9. North Texas
  10. Rice
  11. Sam Houston
  12. Houston
  13. UTEP

Clearly some ut hack wrote this wanting to shame the Big 12.


Someone call the whambulance, we have been disrespected and this publication did not put us as number 1. They are in cahoots with the chronicle, UT and Ann Richard’s ghost!!! Grab your tinfoil hats and let the local radio stations know our displeasure!


As Rob Sellers pointed out , they should have kept their focus on High School .
At this point I think of it as all sizzle and no steak . Shiny cover, high price but poor quality of research . Come to think of it, it’s much like most everything in todays pop culture .


Overreact just a little to realistic feedback?

Or maybe we have a big question mark and 45 new players on our roster with a new coach. Everything I have seen written is that this will get turned around but to expect it to take time.


Love how those who love to live on the negative side defend others taking an extreme perspective.

Putting TXST, rice, Sam, UNT, UTSA and more that high and us that far down is far beyond having question marks


One less magazine to buy this year.


Lol at UTSA being 4th. Couldn’t even beat us with a 6th/7th year QB and Dana at the helm.


We should NOT be behind Sam Houston and Baylor.

We’ll see.

More flyers?

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Oh yeah and Sam.

On paper we actually look pretty legit at most positions. If you transferred SWT, rice, Sam, UNT or UTSA into the Big 12 they wouldn’t be close.

This is their power rankings on a pound-for-pound basis accounting for weight classes. This is not saying UTSA would beat UH on the field. This is saying UTSA is expected to have a better season than UH when accounting for conference. UTSA is expected to compete for the American while UH is in Holgo recovery.


They’re wrong every year.


No surprise who is on the cover. Congratulations DCTF! All the T-Sips and Aggie will be buying your magazine this year.

What Texas football story is more important than the resumption of the state’s preeminent rivalry after more than a decade hiatus? The sky is indeed blue and water is wet.


What does this mean or have to do with discussion?

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I’m really going to enjoy boomer and horn joining agy as a middling program in the SEC.

Problem is…the vaunted and renewed rivalry game will suck all the oxygen out of sports media for 3 weeks before and after the “historic” game.