Hate to do this... Profanity = Post deleted

The amount of profanity on here has gotten to the point where it’s too tedious to edit posts. So if you swear your whole post will most likely go. Sorry guys.


So what about someone who doesn’t use profanity on here or in day/day life … just don’t like it. Yet still gets post deleted w/o explanation after asking for one. Yet the crazy comments I read on here are ok on here. Looks kinda like CFP voting. #bias

It’s helpful for folks to remember no one is paid who run this board. The only money we raise goes to hosting and software fees. We can’t be on here 24/7, and mods are volunteers. We do the best we can. We rely on the community here to help keep this place civil.

The past few days there has been a massive uptick in unwanted behavior. We know it’s a tense time, but we can’t allow things to get nutty.

No one likes to get their post deleted. I as an admin have had posts edited and deleted. It happens. Also this isn’t a court of law and we don’t have the time to litigate every complaint.

If you have a question about a deleted message us. But for the love of all things UH, don’t be combative and rude to us when messaging,

Also if you see a message that is concerning… flag it. That’s the best and quickest way to get things dealt with.