Have a good feeling about this upcoming season

We have a decent recruiting class coming in

Hopefully Todd gets it together


Fingers crossed. However, I’ve lost faith in Todd.


You know they are gonna have to win 40+ games to even sniff the NCAA right?


Did our Friday night pitcher transfer out?


He was only Friday night starter for about two weeks but yes.

There was no ace.


Do we still hold the #1 recruiting class in Texas?

#30 overall.
Some of these rankings are a surprise.
How does Manhattan (actually in the Bronx) have the 68th best class and Rice is #85 ?

4th in the state of Texas.

Texas pretty well is going to get the best classes followed closely by agy and Tech.
I am glad that we are hitting the high schools hard once again and not relying on junior colleges.
Baseball recruiting has always been a mystery to me. So many kids commit to a school and then decide to go pro no matter what round they are picked in.
What the Cougars need, at least my opinion, are some decent pitchers. Last couple of years we have been lacking to say the least.
I guess it is the curse of Seth Romero…never been the same program after he pulled his crap and got kicked out of UH…


Yep. The program went up in smoke.

For what it’s worth, UHBB is #34 in Collegiate Baseball’s pre-season poll.
Collegiate Baseball Div. I Poll (12-20-22) - Collegiate Baseball Newspaper


Astonishing as we have a new staff

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