Have to get it off my chest

Reading the board over the past 36 hours I have realized this loss has made a HUGE impact on many coogs who are just as disappointed and angry as I am. We have every right to be, because we invest our valuable time and money into the program and therefore have certain expectations. We all knew this was a pivotal coaching hire for the program to continue the momentum that was built over the past couple years, and most were not happy about the decision but we had no control over it.

With that being said - the program needs all loyal coogs now more than ever because we’ve built a great game day atmosphere and if that suffers because of a continual drop off in attendance than all of us who don’t show up bear as much responsibility as the coaching staff for hurting the program’s momentum. The students have done their part, the admin has done theirs with facility upgrades, but will the alumni and fan base do theirs?? The % of our core fan base that continues to show up outnumbers the ones who have already jumped ship, but for those that have jumped ship or are considering it, let me remind you what fan support does for the program:

• Helps recruiting – who likes to play in a half empty stadium?

• Free Marketing – full stadiums get us on TV – and I’m not talking about CBS sports. The big
networks respected our product at the start of this season even with lying Tom gone – I wonder why
even though most experts predicted us to go 7-5 or 8-4??

• Future Conference affiliation – Yes TV ratings matter, but if we struggle the first couple years in a
tougher conference, how will half empty stadiums with non competitive games that don’t even get
televised help a potential new conference?

• Team performance – how can we expect the young men on our team to fight through adversity if we

Alright, I’m off my soap box and feel better. Go Coogs!


I 100% agree with your point. Even though you are preaching to the choir it is our duty to “sell” the program every chance we get. We might be mediocre right now but we are U of H.


FWIW, most of us on fan boards show up for games regardless of our sentiments toward the coaching staff, and regardless of our record… Straw-man argument. Getting the attention of the casual fans requires some flash, which mostly means winning. Too many other places for non-fans to spend entertainment dollars. We are in competition with concerts, bars, restaurants, pro teams, etc. I can only show up once per game. We have about 15,000 core fans. It’ll stay that way until we capture the imaginations of people in Houston. We can’t clone ourselves. See you at the ECU scrimmage.


My message was to posters on this board who claim to be die hard fans and are about to jump off the ledge and never attend a game again. I would of posted a reply in those threads, but there are way too many at the moment to pick just one. And I don’t even have to mention all the empty seats in the season ticket only sections that have been going unused.

But you do have a good point about competition for entertainment dollars - and maybe I need to get a life!! LOL : - ) My concert is the spirit of texas band, my bar is the St. Arnold beer carts, and all the soggy chick fil A is good enough since I’m eating it at a UH football game.

And… i now feel guilty about dragging my girl to every game and should probably take her out tonight. Thanks coogjazz!!

You might be surprised to know 50% on boards do not go to games.