Hawk - Kick Off Tee

What happened to big Hawk getting the kick off tee? We had something that got the fans cheering and excited in game and must have decided that we didn’t want fans to get engaged with anything? He got so much love on social media and got others talking about our program and then…?

I think he’s hurt.

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The program is in shambles and you’re worried about the kickoff tee?


Should have seen th writing on the wall when Hawk hit the portal.



I low-key was wondering about big hawk myself.

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We were also talking about it in the stands. I thought he got promoted to a new position or something… But maybe I made that up?

First question my wife asked was about Hawk.

I saw against UTSA one of his hands had a cast on it. If he was healthy the crowd would get energized at least momentarily. Not much since we aren’t scoring much.

even our tee retrieval guy is hurt?



Yep, I heard Arkansas offered Hawk an ‘88 Camaro with a custom “wings” paint job. He gone. :wink:


Someone told me he was Holgorsens nephew. Im not sure if thats true though.

Does he qualify for a medical redshirt? :grinning:

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I was in 113 snd saw him on the sidelines.