HBO may be bringing back a sequel to Game of Thrones

with Jon Snow as the main character … Kit Harrington will reprise his role

If true it will come after prequel … House of the Dragon in the fall is released by HBO …

Winter is coming.

Why? They screwed up the last few seasons. It was clear that without source material to work from it was not very good.


Turn up the contrast.

Jon Snow’s wife is currently starring in that Time Traveler show on HBO

GOT? I thought the last season was probably the best television I have ever watched, just amazingly good episodes.

I beg to differ, the plot and character motivations and actions made no sense especially when compared to the first 4 seasons. The writing was lazy and you could see how they were in a hurry to just wrap it up.

Not to mention the starbucks style coffee cups and waterbottle that made it into scenes.

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