He’s not lying…


How do you fix it? The problems mentioned are created by both Republicans and Democrats. They both seem to be part of each parties platforms.

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100% agreed. We need to term limits all take away benefits and salaries. Then we will see who is in it for the love.


I agree with term limits. Also we need to break the two party system.

Yes, to term limits. Absolutely.

Don’t mind them being compensated federally. Just wish they couldn’t also make bank just because of their position which is what happens now. Too much easy influence from people with money. Take away the federal compensation and the only thing that runs them is donor/dark money.

I don’t mind the two party system but I hate the loyalty that too many have to their party. Loyalty should be to their constituents first and foremost.


I’d start with the Supreme Court. This ain’t fun and games anymore. We need just a tad of democracy around here.


I assume you are suggesting a limit on years a justice may serve.


And to go along with the same ethics requirements of every other judge in the country.


The US is going through a metamorphoses that it has never experienced: a multiracial, multiethnic democracy in which every single person has an equal voice. There have been examples in the past with multiracial, multiethnic empires (Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Turkey, UK, Russia) but in those countries, the right to representation in the government was limited to very few. Other than the UK, which voluntarily gave up its empire, those other empires all went kaput. In fact, three of them went kaput after WWI.

Point is, the world has never seen this before. The success or failure of our national experiment will determine the fate of the world. If the U.S. fails at this, such that a multiethnic, multiracial democracy cannot survive, then the world will descend into a perpetual state of war, the likes of which has never been seen. It will likely start here, but will not stay here.

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Agree with everything but “it will likely start hear.”

I think its only on the political extremes that violence is encouraged or tolerated. For proof I offer the recent convictions of so many Jan 6 insurrectionists. I also offer the charges of Donald Trump currently and to come.

People throw around ‘civil war’ without thinking very deeply about what that would look like. It’s neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother, sister against sister.

We are nowhere close to that no matter what the blow hard media, who profit on extreme stories, broadcast.

White’s make up only 59% of the US now. The metamorphoses is almost complete. We should be patting ourselves on the back and celebrating how well its gone. Because in many, many, many ways…it has gone very well. Just walk around Houston and look around. We are the future.


I agree with you actually.

I am only pointing out that if it does not go well and it all falls apart here, it will not stay here. Make no mistake, there are many of our fellow Americans who love this country only to the extent that “they” can run it. If they are not in charge, they would just assume see the whole country fail. In the past, politicians on both sides may have hoped for bad news for a particular party so that they could take advantage of it. However, it is rare occurence where a political party or its adherents would actively involve themselves in attempts to make bad things happen. The last time this occurred in such a large scale, coordinated way was after Reconstruction, where after the Military left the South, began coordinated efforts to “redeem” the South by running off the GOP (who were the pro-Civil Rights party in those days). It culminated in the various race riots in New Orleans, Greensboro, NC, Rosewood (in FL), etc. Use of armed militias to do the dirty work while the pols took care of the political side.

Look around today: armed goons via open carry attempting to intimidate people in to submission, while in many states in the South pass laws making it more difficult to vote or to express yourself.


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Except that the world has always been in a perpetual state of war.

As the saying goes…only the DEAD have known the end of war.

I am familiar with that quote. I understand that somewhere in the world there is a conflict between two or more countries. I am talking about a war on the scale of WWII.

Imagine a world in which a fanatical RW government takes over the U.S. Such a country would become a pariah. No authoritarian RW government is ever satisfied with maintaining its current borders. No question it would attempt an invasion of Mexico under the pretext of stopping drugs and migration. Next would be parts of Canada. Then who knows, Cuba? Venezuela (lots of oil).

People may think this sounds crazy, but everybody should remember that prior to the Civil War, there was a movement among many Southerners (Jefferson Davis among them) to expand American Slavery to the entire western hemisphere. It was known as the Ostend Manifesto. While that document/statement focused only on Cuba, it was a well known fact that its goal was ultimately to take Latin America. Ironically, after the end of the Mexican War, many Northerners said this very thing, that the Mexican War had been fought to expand slavery, and later were proven right.

The U.S. expansion has been through conquest via arms (the Western US via Mexican War; Spanish American War to grab PR, Marianas, Guam and the Philippines, and the conquest of Hawaii).

My point is, that there is and has always been a strain of Imperialistic ambitions among many in this country, in the name of religion, race and might. Some see empires as proof of a country’s worth. You think some pipsqueak like Josh Hawley doesn’t think like that? I bet that dude played Risk everyday. Heck, Trump tried to buy Greenland!

True enough, but by the same token, just about every great power that exists or has ever existed on Earth has likewise expanded through conquest.

The USA is no worse than any other great power in that regard.

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So much crazy, there is no place to begin. Remind us of when & where the U.S. expanded during the past 50 years?

Falkland Islands.
Afhghanistan (sp).

Couldn’t be simpler.

Really? I mean really? You must be a friend of Obama and his having visited 57 states if you think that any one of the three locals you mentioned are now part of the U.S.

Whoops, sorry. We’re talking, expansion, not intervention. My bad. The U.S. wants to claim Puerto Rico as a state, but guess who doesn’t want that, despite the many paper towels distributed during hurricanes?

Rant away, ranty.