He should be forced to step down

There is right and wrong and this behavior isn’t close to the line. It is so far past what you would reasonably expect from a person in his position.

These are the actions of a man that doesn’t care about right and wrong. He doesn’t care about impartiality in-fact he doesn’t even care about the appearance of impartiality.


You’re so cynical. How could you imply that the Oh so honorable Clarence Thomas (Praise be his justice) is on the take? Just because you don’t have billionaire besties showering you with vacations before they potentially have business before your job? Sounds like envy to me, you wouldn’t be like that if you were getting the benefits of being friends with exceedingly wealthy people


Clarence and Trump are very similar. They ONLY care what is in their best interest, what is right and wrong and best for the country is meaningless to them.


And what if Ginni is the last unidentified co-conspirator. It will only get worse.

Why the SC justices, all of them, dont have to abide by a standard of ethics blows my mind.


Heath Mayo

"Among the many problems with this news about Clarence Thomas is that leveraging your proximity to power to enjoy the perks of wealth is exactly what Hunter Biden did.

If Republicans think Hunter’s conduct makes Joe impeachable, how can it be OK for a sitting SCOTUS Justice?"


I’ll remind everyone of this. The reason there are no ethics rules for the USSC is because it used to be that the mere appearance of impropriety was self regulated and avoided at all costs. Enter Clarence, stage right.

My, how times have changed!

Hot take:
Voter apathy brings with it political corruption. That’s the problem. Too many people can’t be bothered, or even want others talking about politics. This board’s general population is exhibit A. People who never enter the Politics forum here think there should be no stinking Politics forum.

And Florida

Rant over


Does the man have no shame or principles?

Rhetorical right?

No, and no.

Not really a surprise.

I’ve read a book about the Thomas confirmation. It points out that Clarence had quite a few issues at the EEOC (aside from the sexual harassment stuff).

One example, Thomas had dozens of questionable trips reimbursed by the government. Thomas would go to wherever and claim he was there meeting with local EEOC officials. Thomas once went to somewhere (Atlanta?) and met with and had dinner with Thomas Sowell, his favorite economist. The local EEOC head was summoned to the dinner, showed up and stood there for a minute or two while Thomas and Sowell ate. He was then told to leave without any interaction. Thomas then charged the trip to the feds and said he was there on work.

But this apparently was never made an issue at the confirmation.

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Well, will the Republican controlled house launch any investigations since the house
has the power to start an impeachment?

If the house fails to act, shoudnt the Senate investigate anyway ?
Or is this a task the DOJ should be doing ?

Shouldn’t this be enough smoke for congress to pass disclosure laws for the justices ?

Will CJ Roberts take any actions or attempt to spin these allegations?

No to all of that. No one cares anymore.

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Not True… Justice Whiny Biatch will give a very strongly worded interview to a very friendly lawyer teaching up for him.

Latest news…

He seems as bad as Menedez, just corrupt.

I honestly worry about Americans revolting. Eventually they will wake up to the fact that there are no good guys in Washington.

They would have to take their partisan blinders off first.

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I agree with you. The only thing hold America together is the belief that the other guys are the bad guys and if we just take control America will be saved.

Little do they know that their guys are just as bad.

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I think that is an overly broad brush to paint with. There are some good, dedicate people trying
to do the right thing on both sides. There are corrupt people no doubt on both sides and
Menendez certainly seems like one that got caught. Which is good. Justice Thomas certainly looks
to be compromised in his objectivity, and if anyone needs to resign it is those two along with Rep. Santos. I think Romney is a basically honest person all though I don’t support all his positions.

And about 1/2 of eligible Americans don’t even care enough to vote. So I think we are a long way from a revolt.