HELP! I don't have CBSSN

Where can I stream the game? I have Paramount+ and thought that was going to work.

YoutubeTv has a free trial.

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It is too late. You’ve made your life decisions.

I was prepared with a youtubetv subscription. Moral of this story - be more like me.


Very Mormon


FuboTv free trial


It really is!!



I don’t have CBSSN!!!

I just realized that. Or maybe I do on my sling account.

I just have to find a hilltop with good reception in Moab, UT

I have faith in you

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No planning ahead.

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Try this

It’s a list of streams


Yeah sign up for a free trial with a streaming provider that has a week preview.

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God Bless you sir.

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There’s a good one called yoursports or Works like a charm with no pop-ups

Just Google it

When we play BYU, will we be required to keep a food supply under the seats of our vehicles that will suffice for the full game day ? ? ? ? ?

Several years ago (like 30 plus) I worked with a young Mormon father of 3 and our office worker were into football wagering. He joined in and I asked him how he justified gambling, since it is one of the things the Mormons frown upon. He said he was not betting, he was “investing” . . . . .