Help us bring another tradition back - PSJ Perfect 10 Dunk Signs!

Good evening! Anyone going to the TSU games might have noticed that we print out and bring the perfect 10 Dunk Signs to the games. We brought them tonight, but they weren’t used as much.

Given that we want this tradition to come back for the season, we need help. We are offering an advertising spot on the back of the scorecard for a single game. They will be printed on about 300 scorecards. If you wish to take part in this, please click here and help us out!

If you want us to print more for your section, we can attempt to do so. This price is fit for about 300 scorecards.


As long as Galen Robinson never tries to dunk again. What was he thinking at the end of the game? :unamused:


I honestly don’t think our guys dunk anymore. Where are you Tim Moore!!! :frowning:

They were doing it quite a bit at the previous TSU games. We have a feeling that it’ll be happening on Tuesday vs Lamar. We’re just looking for help from some alums until we can fully set ourselves up with sales to keep printing these out.

I don’t know. If he had thrown that down, the crowd would have blown the roof off the Fertitta Center. I thought it was worth a shot. Of course, maybe hindsight is 20/20.

How about laminating them and then distribute and collect. Theres several places on Yelp that do it for a relatively fair price as opposed to going to office depot. You could even try the store on campus to see what they could do for you. By printing all those out every game and then not reusing them is a waste of money and paper.

At one point we were going to get help from UHAA, but never received any replies a day or two before the game.

Don’t know how much it will cost to laminate 300, and can probably check, but we found the cheapest way to do it at the student library. Normally after the game we pick up the ones we find and take them back.

We did however get one sponsor order for tomorrow’s game. They didn’t request any other section but the cage!

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