Help us sell the game out... 12 noon today #HtownTakeover

A large group of Coogfans are working hard behind the scenes to try to get this game sold out Saturday…

We’re trying to get #HtownTakeover trending on Twitter…

So at 12 NOON today… WED, 10/12/16… We’re all going to start tweeting #HtownTakeover with links to the ticket office.

If you use Twitter… please help us during your lunch hour… It’s free advertising for the University.

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Will do. I want to know what the Texans do to market games. It seems that even when they are bad they have respectable crowds.

Texans are a special case. They have made the games an event. Regardless of the opponent or record, it is an event to be at NRG. They promote the tailgating and atmosphere as much as they do the players. I suggested that UH get alot of footage of tailgating, fans in the stands and people having fun to be part of the promotion of the games for next season as well. Not sure if you remember the “I’m A Texan” campaign the Texans did where it didn’t feature one player or shot of the field. It was all fans in the tailgate saying, “I’m A Texan”. They were promoting the experience, not the team.

UH has taken the approach of promoting Tom Herman and conveying the thought that UH is for Houston. That’s all well and good, but I think treating UH games as an event that you want to be a part of needs to be out there as well. That keeps people coming even when things are going poorly. Just my thoughts on the matter.


I think you may be on to something. Maybe UH needs to designate some area around the stadium and allow tents to be set up and whatnot like Ole Miss’ Grove. These early 12:00 and Thursday games kill that though.

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@dskillztown is right. We should also invite folks to the tailgates and/or whatever else we do.

Does anyone know if the Alumni Tailgate allows guests?

That is where I spend alot of my time, they have the Cougar Walk there, the band comes by, DRINK ticket, and Coog swag, #BeatTulsa stickers, all that stuff!

Alot of people don’t even know what the Cougar Walk is. I just think that trying to sell the experience, the stadium, and relatively low cost of a Coog game should be promoted along with promoting the school and the coach. I think that you can attract the non-Coog alum with that kind of enticement. Atleast it is worth a shot.



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My TL has been blowing up for a while now. Well done!

Who did this? :joy::joy::joy:


That was me. Glad you liked it. Here’s another I did…

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And then I said, “Hold my beer and watch this.”

I’d say maybe we could generate a really cool rapesloth meme, but I think Baylor has that one nailed down.

Here is some extra Ammo to get in the stadium early!

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