How do you answer a post, while quoting the original in the new? There is a place on the right, saying “Reply,” with an arrow pointing left; but if you click on that, a window opens up for your new post, but the original post never shows up in your response.

And then there is also a “Reply” link at the bottom of the page. I get the same new window if I click on either “Reply” link.

What am I missing? Something - I know! I “ain’t” the sharpest knife in the drawer, alas!

Highlight what you want to quote in the original post, a box will appear asking to "quote reply…click it!

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Thanks Jay; I knew it was something real simple that I was missing!

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Sorry … couldn’t HELP myself … :grin:

Thought ole EEU was still looking for those mythical SEC fellas who were allegedly wanting us in their company …



Oh, stop pretending Paw - you didn’t even try to “help yourself.” :wink:

Thanks for the tip!

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