Here is another name to throw out: Bronco Mendenhall

Ok. I threw it out.

I dare you to make a lurker account on “Cougarboard” and observe the fanbase he has to deal with.
[“home of the RLYBAD Cougs”]

The level of venom/hatred/subtle racism aimed at Sitake, even though he’s fighting with both hands AND feet tied behind his back due to Institutional expectations and the world’s biggest albatross in that idiotic “Honor Code”, is heartbreaking… I met him once when he was with Utah. I have great respect for a truly fine human being. I know it was sad and a bit weird for him to leave Kyle behind to go to Provo, but I’m not sure anyone can make more out of the limited resources he has. I can assure you HE hasn’t been living in dreamland about the realities of playing day-in day-out in B12, even if so much of the fanbase has been clueless.

Frankly, the relationship of his family to the BYU fanbase played a HUGE part in him bailing. His wife basically made the Wasatch Mountains tremble when she put her foot down.

@BYUcougarfan Have you tried posting about how he fixes cultures?

Why would a fan of one school worry about another school’s honor code?

The more I think about Bronco the more it makes perfect sense.
There is one thing I know about Bronco and that is his work ethic and his HC capabilities.
Anyone that knows the Western college football scene knows that Rocky Long hires great assistants. He did with Bronco. By the way if Rocky Long (retired now) was available I would hire him in a heart beat. Not all assistants flourish into HC position(s) Bronco did. BYU was one thing for him to accomplish. What he did at Virginia with the extreme academic restrictions is simply outstanding.
We all mentioned recruiting. Bronco is a straight arrow. That mindset I am sure would be greatly appreciated by parents wanting the best for their sons.
The other advantage that Bronco bring is his ability to recruit Nationwide. IMO in today’s NIL world this is exactly the mind frame/vision that we need.

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I know nothing about any of these dudes but have to say: man, what’s in a name?
Now if we had a HC named Bronco Chow that had a face like a pit bully with a body like a fireplug on steroids, I’d be the first in line to buy a tic.

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That significantly reduces the pool of candidates.

It kind of makes sense. i also wonder if Bronco can recruit those big Samoan linemen he did at BYU . Talk about a run game !
Go Coogs !

That’s ok.

While I like Mendenhall and think he is a good coach, my understanding from UVA alum I know is that he left because he was tired of recruiting and did not want to get involved in the NIL game. It has gotten worse since he left, so not sure he would be a good fit.

I mean, one of the reasons we want to run off CDH is because he stinks at recruiting and won’t put in the work for NIL.

Mendenhall would be a fine choice if we move on from Dana