Here's a Book Worth Reading

We’ve had the pleasure of being around this phenom for most of it’s history. The Perfect Pass is about Hal Mumme & Mike Leach. It comes out 9/20 and I pre-ordered it on Amazon. The writer formerly a Texas Monthly guy has written two of my favorite recent reads, ‘Empire of the Summer Moon’ and ‘Rebel Yell’. Based on his skill in telling stories I expect it to be a fun read.


I’ll have to add it to the list. Empire of the Summer Moon was fantastic.

Rebel Yell about Stonewall Jackson will make you wonder whyinthehell does HISD want to pull his name off a school building.

Rebel Yell is remarkable.

Thanks for the heads up re: Empire… You might like Fehrenbach’s treatise on the same topic:

BTW, If you aren’t familiar with T.R. Fehrenbach, he’s one of the great writers to come out of Texas in the 1900’s. His Lone Star - A History of Texas is a classic. He also wrote a number of other histories that include the Korean War (he was a combat vet / officer), Mexico, etc. All very well written, readable, and on point. Unfortunately, we lost T.R. a couple of years ago after a long career as a historian and columnist for the San Antonio paper.



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