Herman and UH Marketing

But you gauged it as nfl guys.

Herman had GW3… Dana doesn’t.


But yes, every successful coach at UH in the modern era has had a K or W surname quarterback. If that tend holds like it has over the last 30 years, evidence points to Kopp being the next guy.

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But the point was the “Herman buzz” wasn’t real. Top 20 team that is 7-0 and has a master marketer head coach as some claim wouldn’t struggle to get fans to show up. I bet in the exact same situation with Dana, we get the same crowd.

It is – and has been since I graduated in 1962 – the same issue.
Our alumni base has been and is hauntingly absent. When are
they going to step up. Forget sizzle. Try loyalty and even tiny
support by hundreds of thousands – in the immediate area, no less.


If/When we get the right talent/depth to win and have the players in place to provide an entertaining product, they will come. Perhaps not 40K, but close. For a while there, we were averaging more than the 32K the Rob held.

People say Herman inherited NFL talent. I mean maybe? Or maybe he, and his staff, DEVELOPED said talent? Don’t we always talk about this being a “developmental program?” Give the devil his due there.


If you look at his time at UH and Texas, Herman does an okay job at developing defensive players. For us Tyus Bowser, Elandon Roberts, Brandon Wilson, William Jackson III. Offensively, not good at all. Barely any receivers or running backs. Barely any Offensive lineman

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Well, Orlando developed them.

Or maybe (ala Kelvin Sampson), these guys were recruited because they were nose-to-the-grindstone types who treated every day like a job that had to be done.

Herman’s background was offense. I liked Orlando, but nothing I saw made him stand out.

I’m of the view that these were guys with some talent who worked hard to get where they are now. IMO, coaching is more of a macro thing. Strength and conditioning coaches may have had more to do with these guys’ success than any position or head coach, IMO.

He alienated the press like no one at Houston ever has. He was a flash in the pan, an optical illusion, and had a big mouth. Good riddance.

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When young Briles left here, Major was cooked. I hate to think about what Major’s 3rd season without Briles but with D’Nardo on defense would have been like.


Didn’t Cincy get Tuberville from TT?

He did, and we loved him for it.

I don’t know if it’s true or not, but the story was that Tuberville was at dinner with a recruit. He excused himself to take a call. That call was the offer from Cinci. Allegedly, Tuberville never came back to dinner.

I don’t know if that was true or not, but I like to believe it was.

Actually I think he is. The term P5 only started getting thrown around with the start of the playoff era. In that time frame CDH is the only P5 football HC to being hired away by a G5 program.

It’s like a super technicality but the year Cincy hired Tubberville the American was still an AQ conference.

D’Onofrio was already let go before the bowl game. We had a guy one year removed from being a GA coordinating the defense against one of the best Army teams in decades. With all the injuries (playing 3rd string DLs), it was a recipe for disaster.

Additionally, as already mentioned multiple times… it was quite possible Applewhite already knew he was done as HC. Who knows the whole truth other than we were completely outmatched before we stepped on that field. The outcome was always a blow out in favor of Army under the circumstances.

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