Herman angling for Houston Return? - Dan Wetzel, Yahoo!

What about Clay Helton? I enjoyed his style at USC


Although I have my reservations about taking him back, I do have to say he was better at selling the program than Mr. Cough & Snort.

That being said, I do have to ask myself: “Are Dana & his Staff good at Developing players?”

Think about it: Josh Jones, Payton Turner, Hall, Marcus Jones, Clayton Tune, Tank Dell, Mutin, Marquez Stevenson, Derek Parish…although they weren’t all originally recruited by CDH, they did improve under his Staff’s regime…food for thought.

But yep, I sorta regret leaving my previous job…kinda got carried away during the Great Resignation Zeitgeist.


Give me Tyson before Clay


yes to Tyson

I just want to let you know I copied your comment and the link to TOS.

Does anyone think Tillman would be in favor of this? He was pretty hacked about the way LTH left.

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You must not have seen the clip. It wasn’t off-hand at all. It was the opposite of off-hand.

He said it to a media person with a camera in his face. He said it, and he meant it (even though it was factually incorrect and a douchebag thing to say).

That’s Tom Herman for you. Dude is a twat. And a liar.

By the way I think some of those lesser parts played in the NFL.

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I mean, say what you want about the guy, he already has a pretty solid resume.

Winning BIG in a G5 program; most recent winningest coach in Atx…great recruiter, can sell the program.

Would be a good fit at USF or Cincy, if we go by Ohio State ties.

I don’t know if I’ll take Herman back but…

Herman > Dana

He would wipe the floor with hungover RedBull and Tito’s sweat.

Edit: As soon as I said that I realized that CDH beat Herman in their last meeting. How?


Maybe Rice?


And we benefit from it.

Everyone…even my non UH friends in other states were talking about the Houston Cougars in 2015 & 2016

Since 2016…crickets…even among the UH base


Is his car still awaiting him at the airport? He’d better line someone up to charge the battery.


xDC, the off handed remark was by the guy on the referenced podcast, he said about Tom Herman, “I thought he was trying to get back to Houston.” That’s it, an off handed remark.


No way. Herman is too well established and WAY too much of a personality now for The Renu, The Pez and The Fertitta to keep him reigned in.

Plus Herman is completely obsessed with water and hydration, which is kind of a 180 from our current HC and major donor.


I don’t know Henry.

I know when he split I absolutely despised the guy and have for a very long time.

But after watching this season and knowing what’s in store if I change is not made….I wouldn’t shut the door.

As I’ve gotten older I try and look at things from a different perspective……my wife tells me “turn to wonder”….so I try.

Everyone makes mistakes, some bigger than others….it would be easy for a competitive guy to get caught up in all the praise and want to prove different things……again, what he did was horrible….but if it were a situation where he came back tail between legs and admit he lied….also, how wrong he was and that he has learned from his mistakes, been humbled and is ready to throw himself into making Houston a playoff contender within a few years….I can tell you one thing, if nothing else that guy would put in the “wrench time” to make our program run….I have no doubt.

And we’d never give up 77 to SMU.


I would take him back in a heartbeat. Don’t give a sh*t if he lied in an interview on TV. You guys think he’s the first and last person to handle things incorrectly as a highly sought after HC during the coaching carousel madness?

GTFO with that noise.

Tom Herman tapped into the local market better than Dimmel or Levine ever did. He also bought into the 3rd Coast culture with the Paul Wall grille and #FortheCity Twitter account. He absolutely generated a buzz I hadn’t seen even during the Keenum and Kolb days.

He marketed are team as if we were already a P5 school. Oh yeah, he could coach too.


After 4 years of Dana I am ready to forgive. He learned his lesson. Forgive the man.


Herman’s credibility with players and high schools is shot.


You’re basing that off us being a G5 school, so no.

Ah, understood. Appreciate that clarity.

Apologies for getting crossed up.

Big 12 does look more attractive than American.

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