Herman gives 610 the hi-hat

as in no more appearances on that crappy crappy joke of a station for Herman.

Awesome… he’s da man. Screw those guys. We can hear him via plenty other outlets.


Tom Herman’s 610 AM Ban is Hilarious and Justified: Coach Stands Up to Anti-UH Radio Giant

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Confirmed to me that Ted Johnson is a major tool.

Less respect for Sean P.

Gained some respect for Rich.

Coach made the right move.

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I was fine with what Rich said until he started talking about how thin-skinned UH is and how we need to get over it. Almost like we don’t lose our coach every 3-4 years and we’re just fabricating ways to be offended. We have a right to be pissed when people start making crap up about Herman leaving just to get clicks. That’s not thin-skinned in my opinion. It’s justifiable frustration and now 610 is paying the price. Literally the only time I turn on 610 anymore is when I want to hear the Texans game and can’t find a TV. I enjoy Pendergast’s writing for the Houston Press and I enjoy listening to Seth Payne (which I haven’t done in a really long time). Everyone else is garbage.

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The funny thing is, I never would have known:

  1. Coach gave interviews to 610
  2. Coach decided not to give interviews to 610

had I not listened to the segment.

610 simply doesn’t register with me.


Ditto. I only knew he gave them the stiff arm because I saw it here.

“A prominent UH backer has told me that he thinks Herman is making a mistake with these mini media feuds. That voice believes the University of Houston cannot afford to alienate any outlet.”

I could give a rat’s a** about 610 radio and their support. Screw them!

I would boycott 610 except the last time I listened to that station Dicky Rosenfeld was the GM and they played rock n roll music that I listened to on my transistor radio.


Right, let’s not alienate a media outlet that consistently craps on us. I love that he gave them the heave ho!


I am shocked AM radio is still a thing. I’d much rather be doing the ESPN, CBS Sports type stories interviews that have been going on with us lately.

Much more media recognition than a bunch of random guys off the street voicing their opinions on an AM station.

Charlie Strong to 610 guys -
Hi guys, thanks for having me on. Listen how come you did not put out a list of schools I could go to. Like scummie I’ll be looking for a job too. By the way I was trying to find a place for you guys, but no takers guess you’re stuck in this dead end place.

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It would be nice if some UH supporting advertisers dropped their ads from 610 as well.

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There was some truth about Rich telling us to lose our thin skin. When fans go ape poop over the “cougar high” reference, I shake my head. It’s called smack talk and if we fly off the handle at every negative slight, it waters down anytime we have a legitimate beef, like the one CTH currently has with 610.

We should probably initiate a 10-20-70 rule where we defend 10% negative statements, counter 20% and ignore 70%.

I usually just smirk at the “cougar high” comment and let the jackass look like a jackass.


Cougar High is meaningless. It shows the smack talker has nothing, knows nothing and is stuck in the past.


UH fans are no more thin skinned than any other fan base. Hit up a Tech, Aggie, Bear or Horn board, say something slightly negative and measure their reactions. The difference is 610 is in Houston where there are more UH fans and they basically fail to either make the obvious connection or intentionally fail to acknowledge this fact.

They also have defended their fellow hosts with strawman arguments twisting the facts like a Trump spokesperson trying to say ‘he didn’t really mean that’. The recent article was “if Herman left” they say for instance when in fact, no, the article was “Herman should leave.” That’s a big, big, big difference. That’s 610 actively campaigning against UH. When pointed out they, as a station, should have immediately amended the article. That they haven’t or won’t means they stand by it as a station.

Even worse is the Lopez issue. Lopez was factually incorrect in his reporting. Herman, defending his own word, took issue and pointed out the factual error. Lopez denies it like he’s the new Iraqi Information Minister. Lopez’s sidekick at the time is flat out insulting. Herman, being a human doesn’t appreciate being lied about and being completely disrespected and takes further issue. After that 610 radio hosts defend Lopez to no end. Lopez continues to this day to live in a dream world where he’s right, laughing on the air recently about it, when he’s factually not.

For those that may not know the story I think it goes like this (correct any part that’s wrong please as I’m error prone and not going back to check):

Lopez reported that Herman, and other UH coaches, had “meet with” future UH QB Kyle Allen at UH on a date that would have made it an NCAA violation. While Herman has spoken, over the phone & in an NCAA permissible manner, with Allen he had not “meet with” at UH as Lopez reported. He asked Lopez to retract it. Lopez didn’t and hasn’t. Lopez’s argument is that “meet with” and “talked to” are the same thing. Clearly though they aren’t. Ask any salesperson if there’s a difference (I’m one and that’s basically what Herman is during recruiting). Meeting with and talking to are completely different things. If I tell my national sales manager I “meet with” somebody and he finds out I only “talked to” them over the phone I’m probably fired for lying. Sales are best made in person. Everybody in this position knows that. The win %'s are much, much higher. What’s more Herman was in conversations with other QB’s and telling them, when they asked, what the status of Allen to UH. If it comes out that he’s lying about it then he looks like crap to recruits. This is Tom Herman’s word at stake. Of course he’s going to come out strong to defend it. But to Lopez and 610 this is just some joke. Sorry jackass, but a persons word isn’t a joke nor are NCAA investigations.

After all that I would probably still have something to do with 610 until listening to the ‘triple threat’ segment on Herman giving them the brush off. Its even more insulting that I could have imagined. UH fans are thin skinned? Not near as thin skinned as 610 hosts apparently. Ted Johnson is a 5th string host on a 3rd place station on his best day. If he thinks having Tom Herman on his show is doing Tom a favor he can eff right off and take the lot of them with him.


What’s interesting is 610 fired a female blogger for calling a cheerleader “too chunky”. However, 610 stands by a male personality making an incorrect and potentially libelous report. Then stands by a story with an inflamed headline, I suspect again written by a male. Interesting behavior.

I hope you’re kidding…those situations have nothing to do with each other. So to imply any bit of sexism there is a ginormous stretch.

What ticked me off the most about the Lopez deal was his entire premise was based on an anonymous source. I know that’s not unusual in “journalism,” but I’m an attorney, and testimony from an “anonymous source” is completely worthless and a mockery to the system. Given the fact that Tom Herman has no history of lying or cheating when it comes to NCAA rules, if you’re going to stand by such a story, then you better be prepared to produce better evidence than an anonymous source. People trust journalists about as much as they trust politicians today. If you put up a journalist/radio personality with an anonymous source against a respected coach and community member with no prior history of this kind of thing, it should be pretty obvious which one is more believable.

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The only reason that they fired her was because it went viral. They had no choice in the matter and I am assuming the decision came from NYC, not local.

To me what is interesting is if let’s say 790 personalities say the exact same thing. Would CTH cut them off as well? I know Sean Jones today was guaranteeing that CTH would be gone after this season and insulting the school pretty harshly.

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