Herman to LSU?


Seeing a lot of rumors. Can’t wait until this is over and everything is official. Don’t care either way at this point.

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I agree. All this says is they made him an offer. Will just be glad when it’s all done.

UT clowns! :joy::joy::joy: Simple trash talk

Herman apparently met with LSU officials today.

I want to say BS, I mean we have an 11am game. When did the team fly out today?
When would Cth have time to meet
His agent probably had time for a meeting but Cth?


Sam Khan is at the LSU game. I would like to get his input.

Third source? Yet to confirm from Herman’s agent if LSU has reached out? Why is this news? Bad reporting IMO.

It’s only an offer. You should expect every school to offer our great HC an offer. Otherwise he’s no good.

ESPN reporting he’s gone to LSU as of Saturday.

It’s not ESPN its hornsdigest.com. What is that?

Exactly! This doesn’t seem true.

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They just reported it as a story on the ATM lsu game
Is there a 46er out there who knows when the tea left for memphis?

I don’t have a good feeling about this.

Not saying it is true, but it’s 2016, not like you have to be in the same room to meet anymore.

Yea but after this 2016 election can you believe anything the media reports? I can’t.

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What is Herman’s buyout?

Texas: Sources tell FootballScoop representatives of the University of Texas do not believe Tom Herman has agreed to become LSU’s next head coach and are on there way now to meet with his representatives. This is getting real…

I assume Texas needs to factor this into the keep or fire strong decision so it makes sense they would seek out hermans agent
As far as this being 2016, the report said lsu reps took advantage of thier game in Texas today to meet with Herman
So this does not suggest a Skype call
Thus I say the report is BS. Unless someone has info to suggest Cth was not in Memphis with the team. I think the report is a huge fabrication on the part of horns boosters to scare Texas execs to pursue cth


That is exactly what it is!

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Now I’m seeing Texas officials are on the way to meet with Herman’s reps…what a clown show. I’ll also be ready for this to end.
I’m in Memphis…ought to be interesting tomorrow morning at the game. If CTH is as honest with the kids as he claims, we’ll see how it looks on the field.
Hope they lock up Orlando if he leaves!