Herman will be crucified at UT

Pathetic clock management inside the 5 on the last possession. It was obvious they’d be kicking a field goal at minimum due to the extra 30 seconds he gave them. Goodbye. All the drama, I won’t miss Herman. Have fun at UT where these dumbass decisions will bring him huge amounts of criticism.


They had the defense on their heels. They didn’t want to give them time to gather themselves. You have to score. Doesn’t matter how much time you run off if you don’t score. I’ll take a dumbass that’s 23-4, with wins against two top 5’s anyday.

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Come on man, I hate the loss as much as anyone, but Herman has elevated us to heights unheard of in decades here. If you wanna hate, hate on the corrupt P5 v G5 corrupt “system” in place and controlled by the networks.


thats NONSENSE…anyone watching the game could see we had ZERO success stopping their throwing…KEY to victory wasnt just grabbing the lead, but winding down the clock as we did it…We had second and goal at the 2 and a half yard line…RUN that clock and give them as little time to work with as possible…Instead we throw a pass for the TD and hand them the ball with 1:30 left on the clock and all their time outs…We didnt stop them throwing all day…They fly down the field again and score the winning TD…Not a surprise…poor clock management since our couches KNEW we would have trouble stopping them…our coaches DESERVE to be criticized here…Not smart…


You can get to the line quickly and then run time off the clock. Teams do it all of the time.

Big wins mean nothing if you don’t end up ranked or win your conference.

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Hindsight is 20/20. I’m not saying it was great clock management but we were looking to catch them off guard and score, that’s the bottom-line. The defense was actually playing pretty good in the second half limiting them to just 10 points. And, we’ve been struggling to run all season which led to lots of complaining, including myself, I’m at all the runs up the middle for no gain.

2011 with Sumlin. 6th in the BCS and 7th in the AP. There is a reason there were rumors that Sumlin was going to A&M.

Your right Portland.

The Networks have created this elitist system and imo destroying college football. ESPN and Disney need to be broken up.


That is the truth-

He doesn’t need to go to Austin to get crucified.

It’s happening here at UH.


He’d be hailed here as a hero, all he has to do is make one statement and the entire fanbase would be behind him.

Not sure how long you have been around but it’s the way he words things that make fans uneasy. His wording isn’t much different than “nothing has changed.” His go to is something like “I’m only talking about the University I am with right now.”

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CougarRed has been my moniker since the very first Cougar internet message board circa ~1995. I have memories of watching Puddin Jones and Pooh Welch as a boy.

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Let me join you on that. Dang, Poo was fun to watch.

Can’t fault Herman. He is a UT graduated. Stays in Texas. Even if he flames out at Texas, financially he would be set up for life. He can probably reach his personal goals there.

I’ll let the people who hire CTH make the coaching decision.

He agreed to a 6 year deal