Hermans blow up

2002 is right that Hagar kid seemed unstable.

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Gundy handled that situation with pure class.


Just like Shenahnah on Martin would often say, “don’t jump up, to get beat down”. Herman is a joke!

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I think Tom looks stupid and I like it when Texas loses. That is about as clear as I can be on this…


We all have relatives, friends, coworkers who are UT… and it’s consistent how they are: entitled, beyond arrogant and condescending. And I will never forgive how me and my family were treated visiting their stadium. So yes, I love it when they lose.


Just watched 20 seconds of his press conference. lololololol…looked like some 40-something drunk from Kyle, TX…just pulled out of the bar by his mom.

There’s a spin going on by Herman supporters that he did this on purpose so that it looks like he had his players’ backs even when they are losing. Knowing Herman, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this was exactly what he was going for, but I doubt it came from a genuine place.

He knew that there were a ton of people between him and Gundy so he knew there was no chance of a fight. Easy to act tough and threaten to fight someone when you know that no fight will happen. The postgame handshake just a few minutes later showed that it was all an act.


Gundy looked like John Redcorn out there; stoic, mullet flowing in the breeze.


OSU is garbage, and UT got screwed on numerous calls that changed the game. Gundy knows the Big 12 refs are trash and calls things he knows they are too stupid or biased to call.

Huh. Well that explains everything that happened. Whewww:grimacing::roll_eyes:


Douche bag actor being a douche bag actor.

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Pictures of the neighbor.

We’re Coogs by Gawd! We can have as many enemies for just as many reasons as we want, can’t we?

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The short of it is Gundy played Vermin like a fiddle…got deep in his head during the first half. Then he left his golden ticket in the locker room and went to the run. Almost let Vermin grab the win.

I don’t think either of those teams are that good. Texas is DEFINITELY not a top 10 team. Just not that efficient, organized, or even motivated IMO. And that defense is just not that good.

If Dana can beat him this week look for the “Fire Herman” chants to start.
Once UT fans taste the polls they think they’re better than they are. At best they’re a top 20-25 team. In their minds they’re a playoff contender.


I was with you until the above statement…stay away from trouble!

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“texas got screwed on numerous calls”…

Now, that is a damn funny statement !!

It is impossible for ut to get bad calls !!

If it were possible, they would have to get 20 per game, and it would still take about 50 years to even the calls out !!


He’s just mad that he’s lost more games in one season at Ut than he did in two seasons at uh. With Levine recruits v p5 4&5star recruits.


It’s perfectly okay to hate texas in general and little tom in particular. It just feels good to watch them get what they so richly deserve. Sorry, just the way it is.


Oddly, the fire Orlando chants have turned into shouts – from friends and relatives I’ve heard from today. Heh, heh. Told them we would likely take him back.


Texas isn’t a top 25 team. Computers put them in the 40 range and did so even before the loss to OK St. The pollsters gave them too much credit for a close win over OU while ignoring all their close wins against exceptionally inferior competition.