Hes Back


“back”…not the right word in fact.

I… don’t think he ever left Twitter. I guess Twitter is a place he can do things without violating his non-compete. Which is fine even easier to avoid there.

What a scumbag.

But there will always be plenty of easy marks for the white-grievance grift. It’s an industry, unto itself.

Pretty meh return.

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You can tell he wanted so badly to be like a respected conservative commentator not a Bill O’Reily. But he never recovered that from being destroyed by Jon Stewart 20 years ago on Crossfire and it still chaps his prep school butt.

All this shown in his texts how much he loathes Fox viewers.

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Even if he is “back,” whatever the Hell that may mean, why would anyone be happy about that?

They said Tucker and Musk were having talks. Good deal. It’s going to be funny to see more libs complaining about twitter sense Musk took over.

3:42 PM · May 9, 2023




Yah 2.3m people have seen it already. pretty meh

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Then clicked zero links to drive a single dime of ad revenue.


Or mad about it even. I don’t really care as I don’t follow him. He was only interesting to me in relation to the Dominion lawsuit and aftermath.

Dem’s new boogie man is suing their old boogie man FOX

CoogCheese, you democrats are deranged. They will watch n cry n complain non stop after watching. So many dems hate this guy but supposedly don’t watch him? So why do you hate him? Cuz he lies?! Lyin Tuck

“According to Musk, Twitter does not have a deal with Carlson. '[W]e have not signed a deal of any kind whatsoever. Tucker is subject to the same rules & rewards of all content creators.”

Tucker is still under Fox contract, likely can’t do a contract with anyone else yet.

See, libs like this guy claim not to listen to Tuck but do not want him to be heard. You never hear any conservative demanding that Rick Maddow guy to be shut off from TV or the Don Lemon’s of the lib media.


“Police what Tucker says”

I forgot the names of these 2 lib dipdongs but I thought dems were for free speech?

Yes, but 2.99M are from you watching on a loop.