Could Coach Hester be a candidate for SMU’s open bench spot? Is Hester a key part of our recruiting success?

I really couldn’t say what Hester has done for us. The SMU board says he’s popular in Dallas. Have we signed anyone from the Metroplex since he was hired? Seems as if everyone has been from the Houston area, Brooks from Austin, and everyone else from out of state. I could be wrong, but I’ve gotten the impression that Sampson and his son are primarily responsible for the kids we’ve signed with Brooks helping some with local guys. I’d be happy to trade Hester for Marland Lowe.

Hester’s got some connections all over the place. I believe he was the main guy to bring in Dotson and Kyle Meyer.

Fair enough but it wouldn’t seem as if Dotson would be too tough a lift. He needed to get away from Oregon, and UH is within walking distance of his home. Meyer, to put it mildly, has yet to set the world ablaze.


Meyer needs to pick up his play this year. He needs to box out for rebounds since his vertical is like 5 inches off the ground, literally lol.

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