Hey Paxton!

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Texas Republicans growing a conscience? Can you believe it?

Have you noticed that a big chunk of the far right agenda has died in Austin.

Texas is a great place, with great people. The vast majority of us are very fair minded.

Will we let you tilt and spout to the right AND to the left? Yes. Will we let you be an unprincipled jerk or let totally unfair laws be passed? No, not in my opinion. At least not forever.

Paxton is a jerk that deserves a time in an orange jumpsuit. His expiration date has expired.


Let this be a lesson. If you’re a prominent Republican in Texas, you can commit felony securities fraud at both the state and federal level and abuse the judicial system to avoid facing trial for 8 years. Just don’t ask the state to cover your $3.3 million legal settlement for retaliating against staffers for blowing the whistle on your securities fraud. That might lead to the potential for you to lose your job.


In broad daylight!

Yet, yet Beto isn’t Mexican, not to mention Ted Cruz.

See what I did there?

Ted Cruz isn’t even human, he certainly isn’t Mexican.


I don’t claim him for sure.

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Isn’t Cruz a Canadian?

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Cuban-Canadian bîtching about immigration isn’t ironic :rofl:

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I applaud the Republicans moving forward with this. It’s always a good thing when someone like Paxton is removed from office and shouldn’t make those who have actual conservative beliefs looks bad.

Then there’s the Texas Republican Party…just sad really…


Walk me through this. I saw no mention of Cruz in the article.

Totally innocent.

The normal Republicans are flexing their muscles. Paxton, Trump, MTG are just awful con men. The party let this go on for too long,

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Beto wasn’t mentioned either.

My comment was sarcastic mockery of Republicans and their grievances and double standards.

You do understand that republicans are going to war against other republicans. They are trying to rid themselves of these con men.

Finally! It’s not like they just now had an epiphany.

Still in isolated incidents. Still plenty of people shilling for them.

Worth repeating -

I would comment but I doubt anybody wants another feelings thread.