Hey Paxton!

Everyone knows that Republicans were the ones to investigate Paxton and vote for impeachment, right? This is directly about corruption - exchanging political favors for money. All citizens should be alarmed Paxton can sell the AG’s office. In the end, fear of having primary opponents saved Paxton’s job.

Over the next few months, those in the Texas House who voted to impeach will see campaigns to ensure they are primaried. Their only sin will be wanting to hold Paxton accountable. Same crap that played out in Congress is playing out in the Texas legislature.

How is this good for Texas?


RINOs, Bob. RINOs.


One person with a Cali zip code does not.

Here you go. Enjoy.

“You want a piece of me?”
I think he is pointing to some of you Paxton haters.

He’s not pointing at all. Lol. I don’t hate Paxton, I just think he’s a corrupt political hack and I will vote against him should he run for reelection. I also think it is time to finally get his securities fraud case in court. Just ridiculous how slow the wheels of justice move sometimes.

Funny how he said nothing about this issue until he was acquitted.

I actually understand why MAGA would be cheering, but to a Texan, this acquittal means that the laws of Texas are for sale at bargain-basement prices. Unless the MAGA spell is broken, Texas is in for decades of crooked and ineffective government.

Right up through Perry’s governorship, (and despite the cultural skirmishes) Texas seemed to be honestly governed because business interests needed predictability and stability. Since Abbott, the ideological component is eating fair and equitable government from the inside out. In the long run, this will be costly. Short run? MAGA gets their happy endings.


Interesting. I’d be curious to see the results.

With $500/hr lawyers, it’s going to be sky high. Just part of Lt Dan’s strategy of retribution to
get the house guys primaried

But you just got to love the impartiality of the presiding “judge” of
the impeachment trial.

Patrick’s request follows his blistering speech at the conclusion of Paxton’s trial, in which he said the House and Republican Speaker Dade Phelan “rammed through the first impeachment of a statewide official in Texas in over 100 years while paying no attention to the precedent that the House set in every other impeachment before.”

Texas politics has gone off the tracks with the way pipeline companies were allowed to help themselves with winter storm Uri, Abbott’s culture war on DEI, positions on tenure, and the whole use of the National Guard as border escorts, and busing undocumented immigrants.

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Blame every bit of this on low voter turnout. The people most damaged by the GOP’s lurch towards authoritarianism and pay-for-play politics don’t vote. They are too apathetic to envision their own lives being improved by better stewardship. Non-voters decide elections and that usually hurts the less extreme candidates because the true believers will show up and vote.

Paxton shouldn’t be electable to an HOA board, never mind AG. He’s a crook, and in Texas that doesn’t matter so long as you are anti-woke.


I keep hearing state level Republicans say how bad things have gotten in Texas. Republicans have had the majority in Texas politics for over 20 years. Republicans are the ones making the mess. But voters only vote based on slogans and not actual results. They need to be held accountable.

I fear that school vouchers will get passed and the long term damage to our education system will be huge and may take years to fix.


Yep, I forgot about that one in my rant. Not sure
the HISD takeover is going well either, but it’s
still early on that one. I’m guessing it’s at least
a 50% chance or better we get vouchers before
Abbott and Lt Dan are done.


Yea, the HISD takeover, my whole question before was I wonder what is the timeframe and measures for success or failure there, and if it is a failure, what happens then?

Profiles in cowardice!

Paxton really needs to go.

Looks like he’s ready to weaponize his office against his enemies… (assuming he hadn’t already done that prior to impeachment)

MAGA hates weaponizing the government, except when they do it.

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I would like to interview his wife. That would have to be a very interesting profile.

And his mistress, how many politicians does she do? She seemed pretty proud.