High School Recruits Check-In

Checking to see how the teams of UH recruits are performing mid-way through the season:

Shadow Creek - 5-1 - Maurice Williams Jr. & Zion Taylor commits
Angleton - 4-3 - Jaden Pettway commit
Westfield - 4-2 - Ray’Quan Bell commit
Westlake - 6-0 - Health McCree commit
Westmoore OK - 4-2 - Michael Graham Jr. commit
Desoto - 5-0 - Ronnell McLain
North Shore - 6-0 - Kaleb Thomas

Looking forward to North Shore vs Atascocita 10/27/23.
Could we see a North Shore vs Westlake 6A final?


No because Westlake and North Shore are in Regions 3 and 4. So they would neet in the State Semifinals.

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Thanks. Those darn regions!

We don’t need ‘em. Dana is going to build it through the portal.


That the problem…

Wonder how many will actually sign or after this disaster season decommit?

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Well it’s not like we have a top 10 class lol

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Witt Edwards, a four star athlete from Oklahoma, had us and Vanderbilt as his final 2. He committed to being a commodore this afternoon.

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Just saw we are just a hair better in recruiting than Kansas state. They are the worst ranked recruiting class in p5. We have little interest on 247. Only 3 recruits are showing a public interest.

Some notable teams out there outrecruing us: Marshall, Tulsa, SMU, UConn, NIU, Memphis, North Texas, FAU, southern Miss, Tulane, east Carolina, UNLV and USF.

I didn’t need to read this. I thought I was snapping out of the depression.


If Dana is feeling the heat you can expect this class to be portal heavy even more so than usual.

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“Only 3 recruits are showing public interest “.

Yes, but we probably have a lot showing “private interest “.

It would be a big upset if anyone beats Duncanville in 6A D1. Just don’t think NS can beat them this year.

I wouldn’t count out Westlake or Carroll.

…but it is BIG12 football

I’ll ask again. Why are you surprised?

Man, why does KSU recruit so poorly? Bad location for sure but great fan support and solid facilities. Great coach.

Westlake is better than last year for sure

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They have always been a big “Juco” team( not sure if that’s still the case)and made it work for them….some great players have come out of K-State.

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