Highlight Series

I already decided I wasn’t going to make any more highlights, but an nfl coog (on behalf of other players) and a few current players asked me to do it. I know it helps with the draft, so I decide to make this my last year doing it.
I made 14. Yes, 14. Why that much? A few people asked, and then I felt bad for making one for this person and not that person, and I like the idea of sending the channel off with a bang. also I made some for players who I thought might need a reel next year since I won’t be doing this anymore

I will make a lot of threads over the next few weeks, it will be annoying. Prepare yourselves (especially since ill post them in most Houston places)

The Senior Sendoff/ Draft Series (these will all be posted before the 31th, since a lot of guys are currently trying to get into post season senior bowls)
• D’Juan Hines Highlights |Tackling Machine | Houston
• Khalil Williams Highlights | Primetime Dos | Houston
• Steven Dunbar Highlights | Herkules | Elite WR
• Matthew Adams Highlights | Hardest Hits in College | Houston
• Terrell Williams Highlights | 6’4 Safety | Houston
• Linell Bonner Senior Highlight| Catch Everything | Houston

The New Hype Series (mid-January to February)
• Ed Oliver Sophomore Highlights |The Most Dominant | Houston
• D’eriq King “A New Reign” | Underclassman Highlights Houston
• Courtney Lark Sophomore Highlights |Star in the Making
• Isaiah Johnson Junior Highlights | 6’3 Corner Elite Speed | Houston
• Mulbah Car Sophomore Highlights | Refugee to Star RB
• Duke Catalon Junior Highlights | “Da God” | Houston
• Garrett Davis Highlights | Unmatched Physicality | 2016-2017 Houston

Notes: with no lakes, and UH only doing 1 min highlights this year I almost only had game film so they arent as visually pleasing. also I made 14 some are going to be duds. And note I couldn’t find any high quality for the navy game

Ill still make videos here and there but itll be things I feel I can chop up in like an hour (likely not highlights). Lol I honestly can’t justify taking so much time to make these anymore lol

ill start with hines today ill post it in a few hours


Nice, thanks

since the draft deadline and semester started . time to get excited for the next season… ill posting some of the film for the returning players tomorrow.

side note, im surprised no one noticed i put the garrett davis film out with the draft players list… some of davis’s people asked me to put the film i had of him out early if possible. he was told he would be drafted if he left early (they didnt tell me where),and that he was really considering it. that having film out at the time he declared would be great (people will be googling him then) since the draft deadline has passed and no announcement, and dane roy already twitted he saw him in classes. looks like he is back

gdavis film: Garrett Davis Highlights | Unmatched Physicality | Safety 2016-2017 Houston - YouTube

but the ed and king tapes are long because i knew going into it those are probably the only 2 you guys were going to care about…
if this wasnt my last year doing it, i probably wouldn’t have made one for car, lark or johnson and pushed it off till next year. but car has an interesting story, i made one for lark to show we arent dry at WR… and Isaiah Johnson solely on the gamble that he has a decent year next year (and a 6’3 4.3 speed, his stock could sore) to have something out on him

not sure which ill post tomorrow…probably ed or king…or which ever anyone wants


Before I got into football I was really passionate about soccer and would watch some of the best soccer highlight tapes and think they we’re so amazing. I know a lot of effort is put into making such videos so I say thank you. I would love to learn how you go about making the videos so that I could possibly try it out sometime and become the new 840. Thank you again your vids have been awesome!


I saw the video on Davis and thought about mentioning something, but decided against it in hope that he was coming back.

I was surprised he returned. Before the season, he seemed to be leaning hard towards leaving early.

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thank you! also there really isnt any science to how i make them lol…

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