Hire Jeff Traylor already

We need to move on from CTH. Let’s look around and see if we can find another up and coming OSU OC to bring in. Preferably really good at recruiting

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You are simply butt hurt at the manner he left. Get over it.

Idea that he wouldn’t win a championship with us because he couldn’t win it with UT, is sheer nonsense.


Your assumption is incorrect. What a surprise. I didn’t care for how he left. But that was just the icing on the cake. Evidently you didn’t mind. Says something about your values.

No, he began to lose me with the loss to UCONN. The loss was bad enough but during the presser he had no idea how he lost. He couldn’t think of a thing to say. That became the future of the rest of his pressers following a loss. His pressers at UT were even worse. How you believe he is the coach we need is truly remarkable and astonishing. He isn’t impressing anyone at FAU either

Traylor would be a huge risk at this point because he is just starting to build his head coaching resume and has little to separate himself from the field. Not a proven P5 winner. In fact, he does not have lot of coaching experience against P5s. UH is good enough to attract a candidate that checks more boxes.

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You mean a coach at uh could start to lose your allegiance and affections before the moment they are no longer employed by uh?

Is that what I said or are you just adding 1 and 1 and getting 3? You and Acres are incredibly bad at assumptions.

I said I began to doubt him. And I was correct to do so. That being said, I supported Herman, Applewipe, and still support Holgorsen as long as he is here. If you can go back and find anywhere at anytime that I badmouthed an active coach like some of you do you will have a long search.

Ohio beat Big XII member Iowa St. today 10-7
Not saying “hire Herman”, just stating a fact.

Just saying

Funny you’re bringing this up when it was made clear it was your fault you misunderstood what I was saying.

I didn’t misunderstand… I questioned to get clarification. Guarantee just means different things to different people which is cool I guess. Just wanted to see if you could say same for Hartline that you said for prime. I hope it is true.

No, I haven’t heard the word on it, but it’s a logical assumption given that he is seen as the #1 candidate on pretty much every major media outlet’s list. Plus he is the kind of splash hire that Tillman likes.

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I never understood why Ohio never made the jump to the AAC…especially after Cincinnati left.

They ARE the original flagship University of the State of Ohio.

Ohio State is the younger School

Iowa State was 4-8 and last in the B12 last year. Looks the same or worse this year.

Read what you wrote. Then try to comprehend it. You are suggesting when I said I had doubts about him you equate that to allegiance and affections.

Yes, that is all you are doing, just sayin’

You still attempting to make the stretch so you can claim you know what I am thinking. If this is really that important to you then keep responding. For me, it is a waste of time sparring with you. If it’s your thing then keep it right up.

I guess the fair argument would be while that UCONN loss sucked doubting him for that was a bit of an overreaction, at the time. Obviously in hindsight it can be argued it was justified, but still.

Have you begun to doubt CDH at all? Has he begun to “lose” you at all like CTH did after that UConn game?

He’s coached 2 games at FAU lol

I’ve always said that while the MAC isn’t the best G5 conference, it seems to be a good collection of schools with a lot in common. They tend to have smaller stadiums and smaller fan bases.

If anyone thinks that CTH is at FAU for more than a coffee cup, I have some beach front property in Kansas to sell you.

His eye already twitching?