Hire Jeff Traylor already

Not sure if serious…

I am, without googling tell me Taylor’s biggest win.

No to the title of the thread.

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It was concern for how he conducted the post game interview. I still felt he was the right guy but I just didnt like his clueless responses to the questions.
I am not a guy that believes all is right all the time, ie sunshine pumper. You can still support someone and have doubt about them. Haven’t any of you managed employees before?

Im glad at least you are asking questions now instead of conclusion jumping although your questions are quite leading, hoping to either trap me or create confusion.

So, to answer your questions. Yes, I am concerned about whether CDH is doing the right thing. That doesnt mean I have to knock him relentlessly. I can still support him, as all fans should do. Whether he stays or not isnt up to me or you or anyone posting on here unless Pez has an account.

For your second question, unfortunately you went and did some assuming again. Why do you continue to try and put words in my mouth? You just cant quit can you? So no, Holgorsen hasn’t “begun to lose me”.

Finally, I am done answering your stupid leading questions. It is time for you to move on. I know I have.

make that 3. He is 1-2 now and headed to mediocrity. He isnt a great coach, period. So many think that one year he had with us somehow makes him a great coach worthy of a second chance. He got FIRED at Texas. He demonstrated his honesty when he lied to the reporter before the Memphis game. He is 1-2 at his new dream job at FAU.

He is an average coach, not one we need.

I admit it’s time to let Tom go and we move on

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I hope to never see his name on Coogfans again.