Hire Jeff Traylor thread /UTSA- 10 year extension @ $2.8 million per

So, I know most folks now want to dump Dana…
f we do, it seems the UTSA coach is the right way to go…we may have to outbid Tech for him.
looking at his past jobs, arkie and smu, he is clearly responsible in large part for thier recent success. The recruits playing now in those places are his. And he has taken over in UTSA and is winning big with what he inherited there….his history as a texas high school coach only makes his access to the best recruits easier……If we fire Dana, this guy needs a strong look.


Nice resume. I’d hope he would be a PR guy also. We need that as well.

That’s a pretty big jump there. Are you saying Coogfans posters, all UH fans,…?


Well Sark at UT is winning so he is laying off the bottle … for now …

Jimbo the bimbo just needs to find a consistent QB …

TT has nothing but cactus jackrabbits sand dunes for hundreds of miles surrounding Lubbock … and no recruits unless you can get coyotes to play football

While UH is in one of the most rich untouched areas of SE Texas for TOP recruits …

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Traylor’s high school experience is a long time ago now but he would know east Texas well and that’s an area we can do really well in. He recruits well enough as it is and clearly can coach his guys up. I wouldn’t mind.

Does he run an uptempo offense?

What is his position on palm trees?


He beat Illinois at Champaign and was down 28 to zip at Memphis and rallied 31 to beat them at the last moment … don’t know if it was upbeat or schmuckbeat … the favored tigers lost …

Dana Dimel has UTEP looking good! Seriously though, Traylor sounds like a good candidate to me.

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My desire for our next head coach (I don’t expect DHo to last here) is someone who can recruit very well in Texas. The person needs to be tireless on that front, especially in the greater Houston area. He also needs to be able to coach well obviously. Traylor could very well fit that mold.

I expect Tech to go after Sonny Dykes before they attempt getting Traylor. SMU might go after Traylor at that point but I hope we beat them to the punch. But we should have a bigger pool to pick from if we end up having to find a new coach soon.

I figure Sunny Cumby will be Techs next head coach since he’s already the OC

News flash. We already have a head coach.


3 state titles, 5 appearances, 12 district titles, 4 time TX HSFB COY in 15 years as HC in Gilmer, TX. Big 12 recruiter of the year in 2016. 11-5 in two seasons so far at UTSA with wins at Memphis and at Illinois. Lost by 7 to #15 BYU in Provo last year.

Not bad but I think Dana will be around a little longer unless this season completely falls apart.


Dana is not my cup of tea but I want to win more than I want a new coach.

But in the event we do get a new coach there will be lots of guys that will want the Houston job.


I’m on board with Traylor. Looking at UTSA’s season this year, it seems like a no-brainer.


I finally decided to write in response to all of your comments about the coach and the QB, and I want to tell this to all of you. You are nothing but a bunch of cry babies that are never happy with anything and all of you consider yourselves as experts of the game or games. Stop all of that and really support our university with positive comments and avoid to write about negative stuff that only divides our team and creates a bad atmosphere for our players and coaches. if you are better than our present coach or know more than him, apply for the job, instead of recommend other coaches that at the end might not work for us either. Stop it and grow up and support our university or cheer for other teams or universities. Thank you


Honestly I just can’t bring myself to cheer for Dana to fail. Even if it turns out to be a Kim Helton kind of deal were we have a fluke year and win the aac. I’d still take that than losing and firing Holgerson. Even if it means he gets another year. Because ultimately I like winning conference championships too much to root for a UH coach to fail.


Crybabies … eh … support our team … eh … avoid negative stuff … eh … apply for the job … eh (sorry too old as the dirt according to red80) … support our university … eh … okay how about …


Doug Belk?

Stay away from the soup du jour.

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