Hit on #5

I hate the rule, but how was that targeting call overturned?


Do our coaches/AD get feedback in the week after the game regarding the officiating? I.e. specific justifications for overturning calls, rule interpretations, et cet?

I, too, would like to hear the explanation on that call.

That hit seemed to cover every bullet point for targeting.


Yeah, I thought that was an egregious misapplication of the rules by the officiating crew.
Stevenson could have been very seriously injured, and it’s not about the intent of the tackler, is it? It’s the result and he put the top of his helmet into the receiver’s helmet.
What more do you need for targeting?


Yes, the league is “supposed” to provide them with a detailed explanation. Did this happen? I dunno.

I have been watching all of these games the past few weeks and I heard an announcer say during one game that had a targeting call, that the refs had also not been able to “practice and go to ref school” due to Covid, whatever that implies? And many of these refs are also not within the conferences they usually officiate. If I understood it correctly l, we could have officials from anywhere. One game looked so unprofessional, you would have thought these were junior high refs. Very odd game.

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This is a great point Giena. This falls entirely on the ncaa. They alone sanction the games.

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This was a conference game, why wouldn’t we have our conference officials. I can understand havig a diferent set for BYU, but not AAC games.

Agree, officials are “sent” to officiate other conferences than their own. It happens every season. This was pretty stupid knowing that this was our first game. Does the ncaa have a lack of officials?
Officials should not be noticed…at all.

Not sure if it will stay that way, was wondering if it was that way only because of the late start and cancellations. The announcers really didn’t have any solid answers. I would think conferences would use their own too.

I thought about it too. The “Covid-19” risk factor is in play. We might see a lot more games with officials from different conferences. Above everything else they should be good enough so they are unnoticed.

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I think the conference the fans an explanation why the call was overturned because it sure looked like a good call on the field and in the replays.

I never did think it was targeting. They were both going low/diving towards the ground. It was not an intentional or malicious hit.

I didn’t think it was targeting as his head was you and hit with the facemask not the crown of the helmet

I may be totally off base, but I think I remember that the AAC and another conference “share” a group of officials.

Player got booted from BYU/UTSA for targeting; guy led with his helmet and hit the receiver in the butt. Not even kidding. Booted for butt targeting.

Miami player just got called for targeting. On a much less impact full hit.