Holding at #14

Given a “loss” on Saturday night, We got jumped by 4 schools and we jumped two schools.
View the poll and voters for yourself here: AP Poll details

We really did hold. We lost a total of 3 points in the poll.


Stayed at 13 in the Coaches poll as well…… that’s good, means voters actually watched the game…. Was not exactly a typical loss.

Net still holding at #4.

And Baylor, unanimous #1…… just humiliated Nova.
Hard to believe but they may be better than last year.


Oh no. That’s the worst possible non-UH development. I don’t want to see Baylor again.

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Fact is Baylor is the best basketball program going right now.

This is the 3rd season in a row that they have been ranked #1 and 4th time in last 6 seasons.

Scott Drew is an elite coach and has things humming there.

We are moving into that league and Baylor and Kansas are the obstacles to league championships in what will be a drastically more difficult but fun league.

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They’re very good but not sure they’re better. Regardless I believe we would stand a better chance because I definitely think they’re not as physical in the backcourt, plus we have better front court players this year

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Shows the value of playing games like the one we had last Saturday. Even when you lose you benefit.

Definitely not better. Last year’s Baylor team was probably the best CBB team of the last decade plus. This year’s team has a chance to repeat but lets see them run the gauntlet of the Big 12 before crowning them kings of anything.

One obvious thing about the baylor/nova game is that Nova is really good at losing to top 10 teams this year. 3rd time already.
At some point pollsters will have to be honest with themselves and say “hey if you get three chances to beat a top10 team and cant do it once, you probably shouldn’t be in the top 10.”

34 voters have them top 10, seth davis has them at #7.

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Pretty hard justifying them being ahead of ISU. They’ll have to go to Creighton and host Xavier this week. Both of whom ISU already beat. I don’t see them winning both so I’d expect that works itself out by next week.

I thought the ACC was more of a basketball conference. If so, why do they have only one team ranked in the Top 25 AP poll?

Think even Seth Davis moved UH up from 16 to 10 on his AP ballot. Think Saturday was the first real look at UH for a a lot of folks. Lots of talk about how fast and athletic the team is. Demonstrates a new level of respect for the program.


We’ve definitely “arrived” from that perspective. Hard to remember any other times UH lost a game when ranked and didn’t drop in the polls, basketball or football


Cincinnati with Mick Cronin was a Top25 program.

He leaves, they hire John Brannan. The program takes a huge dive. Now Wes Miller is there and he has to rebuild things

Wichita State was excellent when they entered the AAC. Then Greg Marshall started having issues with how he was treating his players. They fire him. Now the new guy, Isaac Brown, has them as a borderline tourney team, but not the peak what they were 5 years ago.

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Cincy is in the AAC. I was referring to the ACC.

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Oops, misread that

Where to start on ACC basketball.

Louisville has been pretty average since Pitino left

Virginia is not the typical Virginia. Their roster stinks this year

UNC, Roy Williams just retired. So, new coach, they’ve taken a step back as a program for now

Florida State, pretty shocking. Cause they’ve been a good program for many years. Just haven’t played well.

Georgia Tech, I never was a Josh Pastner guy. I thought he under performed at Memphis. And hasn’t done much at GT

Syracuse, it’s time for Boeheim to retire. He doesn’t recruit well anymore. The Sweet 16 team he had last year, 2 players transferred this off-season.

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It actually happened a week ago in football. We moved up 1 spot in the playoff rankings after a loss to Cincy. That was because SDSU getting demolished by Utah State was much worse than our loss and nearly every team behind us was inactive and the teams that won (Louisiana and Utah State) were too far behind to make up enough ground.

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I figure Duke is gonna make a run at the baylor coach once Coach K retires (end of this season???).

They have named a head coach in waiting already on staff.