Holgo on ESPNU (Sirius xm) now

Looks like they are doing a segment on Full Ride on houston with Holgo calling in.

I tuned in mid way but so far it’s pretty great. Two commentators are talking about all the facilities we’ve got, how far our university has come over the last couple decades and Holgo is really talking up our athletic program.

Pretty good exposure for UH as a whole.


That famous ego

Thanks for the heads up.

I’ll go back and listen to the FULL RIDE show on my Sirius app.

Paraphrase when you’re done please

Explain please! I listened to it when it aired this morning and I caught no ego from him ? In fact he seemed to talk more about the players, the school, our other sports , Renu & Tilman


It was about 35 minutes into it

Sorry it was Sacrasm, we used to get so many posts about Dana’s huge Ego that I have been taken aback actually listening to him in interviews. The radio shows are the best example but this was great too.


I caught the last 10 minutes in my car. Neuheisel and Childers are Holgorson fans…
Very good positive interview.
Neuheisel has said that our Coogs should win outright, so he’s my new favorite guy on the airwaves, along with Barrett Sallee…


You have to have a bit of ego to be successful in any competitive pursuit. Belief in your talents, preparation and commitment. But as I have told many successful lawyers-never lose your humility and never begrudge other’s successes. Seems CDH is doing all those.


He wore a t-shirt on a golf course. Are you people proud of that?!?!

Guy should be in prison.


Im just happy he likes golf. Pretty classy game. Now if he were going to strip clubs? We need to know all about that.

I have only met him and spoke with him once at his radio show. I would love to go again but we live 3 hours away. He is, despite what he appears sometimes, a very classy guy. Nice Travis Mathews shirt on (evidently he only wears golf shirts off the course) and very personable. He talked with me for longer than I expected considering how many people were in the room wanting some of his time.

When we lived in Houston we went to Vermin shows. He did not want to talk one on one and was somewhat dismissive.

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It was a good interview!

Holgorsen basically did a 3 Minute Commercial on everything going on with the UH campus from the new Business bulding to the new Medical School to all the progress of the different athletic programs.

He also talked about this weekend’s matchup. Great stuff!


Holgo’s hairdo continues to age like fine wine.


Is that supposed to be a good thing?

Only if you are a connoisseur of the finest skullets.


He needs to shave it or get a mullet toupee…

You do realize that one of coogfans’ biggest sponsor is … a strip club?

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why yes I do. I see it at the top all the time.

A man of class you are.

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