Holgorsen Informs WVU of Plans to Talk to Houston

Apparently, his formal notification is more important, as per his contract details, than us asking for permission to speak to him.

“Holgorsen’s current contract with West Virginia reads that ‘Notification is to be given to the Athletic Director before Coach, agents or representatives begin any discussions about coaching positions.’ Holgorsen has now reportedly given such notification to WVU director of athletics Shane Lyons.”

More hopeful news …


At least UH didn’t sneak on campus to do an interview in his office, then hire him. They asked permission unlike the other clowns…


Isn’t that what we did to Marshall? (Or tried to, I guess?)

My final update before the new year. Dana Holgorsen declined a one year contract extension on his existing deal. All signs point to Houston.


I am pretty sure we have already been talking to him through his agent if not directly. Remember Tillman and he are friends. Just going through the formalities now.

We got ourselves a ball coach! Happy New Year!