Holgorsen is our Tuberville

Nov 28, 2021, I hope this will all be over.

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Cary you said none of this after you and a few others predicted a loss against Tulane. I get the team isn’t winning but screaming when we lose but whispering when we win is some of the most cringeworthy stuff on this site. Let up a bit.

If anything, coach needs at least 3 more years because that’s when HIS recruits will be experienced enough to make a difference. I doubt he’ll ever get the chance because certain fans only understand winning but don’t know what it takes to win. The man is relying on JUCOs for crying out loud!


I didn’t predict a loss to Tulane.

He always has, even at WVU

Please don’t make up stuff. This program is going through what is called a culture change. There are some on this team that for whatever reason have not bought in, and will not accept being coached hard. Some players can accept that and move on…others end up starting one year and finishing the next playing special teams until they graduate! It happens! No one is being treating like crap! People want to know why Logan is the backup? It’s because coach wants to send a message to the team that you have to earn your spot and work hard for it!


At what percentage of the roster? I’m not one of those that think “the cupboard was left bare” but there is a reason why we are having injuries in the spots that JUCO players are starting. Do you think that is a coincidence? Again…injuries or culture change? I’m not going to name players, but I’ve observed and there is a connection there.

Talent and experience are great but the offensive scheme is still concerning.
The playcalling at times is atrocious. Very predictable with a little creativity. It’s as
though we’ve changed to a more conservative pro-style offense. No up-tempo to keep the defense off balance when the O make big plays, and most of the plays are slow developing that allow the defense to adjust. Today we scored 10 points and had around 290 total yards. That’s not gonna cut it in this league.

Perhaps CDH underestimated the coaching talent in this conference. Defense wins championships but in the AAC you also need an offense that puts points on the board.


Last time we used a pro-style offense… the other Dana was coach. However, I don’t think this is pro-style. That would be offensive to that style of offense.

Lol we ran double stacks and diamond tonight. That’s not pro-style. Matter of fact, pro-style has little to do with X’s and O’s, it’s about how the plays are called.

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This is the result of having 3 head coaches in a 5 year span gentlemen, patience is a virtue, practice it and live it.


Holgersen is our Tuberville? I certainly hope so.

Tuberville finished his coaching career with a 159-99 record with one undefeated season with Auburn, finishing #2 behind USC.

By comparison, Bill Yeoman finished his career with a 160-108-8 record.

Tuberville recently won a Senate race in the state of Alabama.

What’s your point?


I’m pretty sure his point was that Tubberville was known as a successful P5 coach, as you just pointed out, and went to Cincinnati with high expectations. The first few seasons were successful despite having four losses apiece. Third season he ended up 7-6, and his 4th season ended up 4-8 before stepping down.

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Play naive all you want. Doesn’t change that it is true.

What will people say when a new talented motivated coach comes in the next year and wins 9 or 10 games. When we make the right hires it happens. When we don’t it is 4-7 wins.

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Who do you have in mind ? ? ? ? ?

We were down 4 starters yesterday and they were all HS recruits. No JUCOs in that group. My thought on JUCOs is this: There is a reason good players go the JUCO route and that is academics. So, perhaps recruiting smarter people is the answer and that means more HS recruiting. CDH kind of reminds me of General George S. Patton. All Patton wanted to do was fight battles. He wasn’t into the diplomacy and touchy-feely side of being a general. I feel like CDH might be like that. His body language at press conferences indicates that he is not comfortable there and I wonder if he has the same body language when he visits with recruits in their homes. Anyway, just my thoughts.

Dana is going to become the Senator for Iowa?


Yea? And which of you multi-millionaires are going to pony up to buy out Dana and pay the salary of the next coach. Feel free to head on over to the Post Oak and till Tilman your ready to take over the finances.


I was trying to avoid naming names but:

Payne-JUCO that leaped guys who have been here

Jones-JUCO that leaped guys who have been here

Dell-JUCO that leaped guys who have been here

I don’t even want to bring up the secondary because that’s a different ball game. Like last year, you see very talented players who will not see the field. I agree that maybe some of these JUCO players have talent of their own, but if you’ve been following CDH’s press conferences, he has continuously stated that some guys are not going all in their preparation for games.

Those statements fall right in line with the incident in the locker room yesterday; anytime players have to hold themselves accountable by pointing fingers that tells you that some players are fed up by the lack of commitment by their teammates. CDH can’t be the one to blame for all of that.


What you describe here is a good life lesson for those players and anyone who has to work for a living. In the workplace we all have to do what is expected and what we are told to do. When we do not, we don’t get raises, promotions, extra responsibility or any perks. It is not enough to be talented. You have to be talented and willing to do what is asked. If this does not suit employees or ball players, there are exits everywhere.