Holy Batman! Auburn…

Just LOST!

Razorbacks. 80. Tigers 76


Don’t know how much they’ll drop. Purdue losing too .

Zags play ranked this week. Arizona plays later this week against Wazzu and Kentucky won today.

Arkansas with 32-17 free throw advantage. Playing on the road is tough in any conference


why did that last second dunk not count

I also thought that. Looked like it beat the clock.

Looks like the tournament is wide open……any one of 12-15 teams have a realistic shot at winning….


At least three of the favorites will lose somehow…

I think the clock still had time but the light went off. I only watched it once though

Purdue is gonna be one of them if they dont shore up that defense

Historical Analytics would disagree.
Currently there’s about nine. Every non-covid year National champion except UCONN has been a top 15 offense and a top 20 defense.
It makes sense when you think about it for a second. You have to play 6 games against top competition. If you are like Purdue with a #1 offense and #100 defense that imbalance will cost you one game in that span and you’re out.

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Must be the same shady group of SEC refs that cheated against us that officiated this game. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it is. These SEC refs are determined to make the SEC a powerhouse conference in basketball just like in football and they are willing to cheat for SEC schools to make that a reality.


You know the SEC is down bad when they gotta rig the conference games on top of the big OOC games for their home teams. Earlier this year Arizona got jobbed by the refs visiting the Vols so theres def a theme.


Speaking of Refs…… when it comes tourney time, how are they chosen?

Is it a certain amount from each conference? A grading system?

I would hope that for example you had an ACC vs BIG matchup the refs would all have to be from conferences other than the teams playing.

Purdue’s defense can’t be that bad, they shut down Cockburn and Illinois offense that is pretty good. Two big men like the Zags, but I give the edge to Purdue, think they jump the Zags for #1.

I see a lot of the same refs at different games. And I know if I recognize a ref at a UH game, it usually is a negative (like the one that looks like The Kids in the Hall actor but I digress).

College basketball refs appear to be independent contractors so I don’t think you can base it on conf affiliation.

This article had some interesting tidbits: Have whistle, will travel: Are college basketball referees working too many games? - syracuse.com

There is a committee that determines the Final Four assignments. That is all I could find.

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Their Defense is currently #104
One game isn’t a good indicator of a team. It’s just as likely that Illinois just had an off night.

Yeah I’ve seen Purdue and they look loaded but at times they don’t play like it.

#1 Offense, #116 defense. That’s why. That is also why they will be at risk for an upset in March.