Holy crap - Case's Broncos deal

At least $25 million guaranteed.



I’d say that is a sign of confidence in Case but still protecting themselves by limiting the contract to two years. I think that is a good respectable deal.


Seeing alot of 3 years & under deals with the new collective bargaining on the horizon.

Case has a real shot to $ out huge again in a few years. Same thing w Kirk Cousins.

Minnesota is now on my poop list.


Didn’t even consider that aspect. This is a betting on himself big-time…even two slightly above average seasons of production will make his value balloon in the 2020 off-season, not to mention a possibility of more teams looking for QBs with several aging QBs probably retiring by then (Brady, Brees, Eli, Rivers for example).

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He has a real chance to make $60 + million in the next 5 years. (that might be conservative)

Fox paying insane $ for the rancid thursday game should put a bigger % in the players pockets.

Case and his wife already doing great charity work with what he has made so far. They will kick it up a notch now.


It would be great if he set up some university professor chairs like John Moores did. This man is a special type of person


There were eight QBs drafted in 2012 that went on to play several seasons.

To date, Case has earned just over $7m in salary ($3m less than Brandon Weeden).
After 2018 he’ll move up past Weeden, and if he finishes 2019, he’d only be behind four good to very good QBs from that class - Luck, Cousins, Wilson, and Tannehill.

Not a bad recovery from being passed up completely six years ago (there were a total of 11 QBs selected in the 2012 draft).

$25 million guarantee means he’s tripled his career earnings.

2012 QB RD Overall Career + 2018 2018 salary 2012-2017 Career Earnings Career Starts Career Wins Career Yards Career TDs Rush TD
Andrew Luck 1 1 $97,107,998.00 $18,000,000.00 $79,107,998.00 70 43 19078 132 14
Kirk Cousins 4 102 $74,633,295.00 $28,000,000.00 $46,633,295.00 57 26 16206 99 13
Russell Wilson 3 75 $74,362,520.00 $15,500,000.00 $58,862,520.00 96 65 22176 161 16
Ryan Tannehill 1 8 $67,550,979.00 $17,500,000.00 $50,050,979.00 77 37 18455 106 6
Brock Osweiler 2 57 $40,516,679.00 0 $40,516,679.00 25 13 6171 31 4
Robert Griffin 1 2 $28,103,473.00 0 $28,103,473.00 40 15 8983 42 10
Nick Foles 3 88 $26,908,202.00 $7,000,000.00 $19,908,202.00 39 22 9752 61 5
Case Keenum $25,157,675.00 $18,000,000.00 $7,157,675.00 38 20 8771 46 3
Brandon Weeden 1 22 $10,657,954.00 0 $10,657,954.00 25 6 6462 31 1

Nice. Love the guarantees. But I’m a Chiefs fan…so Case can be good but not too good.


Too bad he can’t wear that magic 7. The irony is that his favorite QB growing up was John Elway and therefore picked 7. Now he is playing for his hero and hero’s team.


Not only that, but Case Keenum has always reminded me of John Elway: His scrambling ability, the IT factor, his ability to connect to targets and clock management, on field awareness, and his comeback ability when his team is down see Oilers (22 - 6 going in the fourth quarter against Elway’s Broncos in 1992)…


I try to suppress this memory. Just telling myself today’s Broncos are a different entity.


Excellent news!

Couldn’t happen to a better Coog!

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Denver took the Vikings to the woodshed. Denver got Case and got rid of 2m salary cap by trading Siemian qb rating of 19 in his last 6 starts) to the Viks.


I think the two year deal is because Denver hopes to draft Mayfield, Rosen, or one of the other highly rated QBs coming out this year.

Also, Broncos made some moves to strengthen the O-line and receivers which will help Case’s chances.

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I think the Broncos will trade down to pick up a lower 1st round pick and a 2nd or 3rd round pick. I think they will use them to beef up the problem spots they had this year – particularly the OL. I don’t see them spending a 1st round #5 pick on a QB they don’t expect to play in the 1st season a la Jared Goff. I don’t see them giving $36MM with $25MM guaranteed for a player they expect to be the back-up either late this season or early next.

I think they just signed a two year deal to allow them to ensure Case is what they think he is and he is still healthy. Either way, Case is getting a great deal and in 2 years, he will have proven himself for long term – then you can back up the Brinks truck, as if $36MM is not a real fortune. Or, he may decide he has enough of the NFL experience and take his millions into the sunset.


I agree. This gives them and Case a chance to see if the Vikings or Rams Case is the real Case. If the Vikings Case is the real one (which I believe is true) then when his contract is up he can expect to sign for 35M to 40M per year for 3 to 5 years.

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I think he kind of looks like he could be his kid too… haha but I’ve always thought the same. Hopefully he is already up there adjusting to the altitude! I can barley tie my shoes without running out of breath when I’m in Denver… but then again, I also sweat when I see someone jogging… #fatboy.


Let’s hope so. It is $25 guaranteed and I did read somewhere $33M guaranteed for injury. The Broncos got a great deal. This is the best “market” deal that they could have done. Some might say it is a “discount” Now the Broncos drafting a QB in the first round does not make any sense. Especially seeing it from Case’s point of view or an agent point of view. They are not done making deals so they should have the money to get better at crucial positions. Will they use it?