Holy crap - Case's Broncos deal

Denver may also want to see if having Case around might help Lynch get his head right before they go spend another high draft pick on a QB.

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Looks like the short-term deal is coming into vogue. I assume teams would rather guarantee the money for two or three years rather than have a player be injured or fading during the last years of a long-term deal.

Oh, that game. Probably the first time I was truly devastated as a Houston sports fan (I was too young for Phi Slamma Jamma and I was just happy the '86 Astros made it as far as they did). I remember just sitting there staring at the TV for like an hour after the game. If Jerry Gray waits a second more to allow Elway to pass the line of scrimmage, Oilers win. The next two years were bad, but not as bad as that Denver game.

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Prevent Defense prevents YOU from winning…That is what I learned that day. (Elway picked Buddy Ryan D apart on that Prevent). I too starred at the screen after that game for a long time in Disbelief…oh, it got worse in 1993, and then the Joe Montana Chiefs playoff game in 1994…I don’t want to re-live those horrible moments…again!


The whole $36MM is guaranteed in case of injury.

Let’s put things in perspective here. From the link below:
“Getting a Bachelor’s degree adds another large increase in lifetime earnings. With median earnings of $56,700 ($27.26 per hour), or $2.3 million over a lifetime, Bachelor’s degree holders earn 31 percent more than workers with an Associate’s degree and 74 percent more than those with just a high school diploma.”

According to this government study, an average person with a bachelors degree makes in his lifetime 1/3 of what Case has already made. He should already be set for life with a decent investment portfolio. I’m not saying he could just sit around and eat bon-bons for the rest of his life, but he should have a very comfortable nest egg. What he is going to get from the Broncos is a really big chunk of money. Quibbling over who else is making what is irrelevant, Case is cashing in big time.


I think that was our boy Jim Eddy on Def Coord for the Jan '92 loss to Elway. They kept him another season to suffer the wrath of the current Colts head coach. Pardee brought in Buddy for 93.

I’ll say to Buddy’s credit the D was fine. It was Gilbride who couldn’t get more than 10 points on the board at half in that playoff game.

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Gary Kubiak was the first guy to give Case a shot and I’m sure he was involved in this as well.